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On Slowing Down to Cook

Life is hectic. But to eat meals quickly and not cook is to miss out on an enjoyable sensory experience that connects us to the natural world, different cultures, and to each other.

Being a Man in the Marines

To be a man in the Marines, as Lyle Jeremy Rubin explains in his memoir, was to be a person not so much in search of freedom or democracy but one’s own manhood.

Manufacturing Nostalgia

An avid collector puts the sports card hobby into focus. The hobby isn’t so much a parallel of the free market as it is the free market emulating itself.

Why Conservatives Hate the Government But Love the Cops

The core right-wing principle is a belief in hierarchy, not the limitation of state power.

The Wall Street Journal Makes The Case For Expropriating Billionaires

The paper says redistributing the wealth of the 735 richest people would “only” give every single person $14,000. But that would be amazing.

Is “Whataboutism” Always a Bad Thing?

Discussing the crimes of our own country as well as the crimes of others is not always an effort to downplay other countries’ crimes—it can be a test of whether we are serious about our principles.

The Holocaust and Cary Grant

On the pain and horror concealed beneath cheerful images.

A Contentious Conversation on Whether “Wokeness” is a “Religion”

Prof. John McWhorter and Nathan J. Robinson discuss whether the social justice movement is deranged as Prof. McWhorter suggests.

Why Leftists Should Embrace Our Proud History, from Thomas Paine to the New Deal

Historian Harvey J. Kaye on why we need to do more than just “debunk” nationalist myths. We also need to tell great historical stories of our own.

Where The Left Goes Next

We have our work cut out for us. Each of us must resist despondency and find a way to take meaningful action.

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