Articles by Ben Burgis

Why Do ‘Anti-War’ Right-Wingers Love Henry Kissinger?

The New Right’s so-called foreign policy “realists” love endless war just as much as the neocons they love to hate. It’s no surprise they also love one of the 20th century’s worst war criminals.

The South Then and Now

Adolph Reed’s recollections of growing up under Jim Crow serve as a reminder that unjust regimes have been toppled before and can be toppled again.

How Leftists Should Debate in Mainstream Spaces

Krystal Ball’s recent appearance on Bill Maher’s show provides a case study in how leftists can effectively argue in potentially ideologically hostile territory.

Congressional Progressives Need To Do Better on Foreign Policy—But That Doesn’t Mean Republicans Are Doves

If we care as much about anti-imperialism as we do about domestic policy, we can’t ignore the gap between where Left-aligned members of Congress are and where we need them to be.

The Quest for Red Plenty

The failure of economic planning in the Soviet Union does not mean that effective socialist economic planning will never be possible.

Is “Whataboutism” Always a Bad Thing?

Discussing the crimes of our own country as well as the crimes of others is not always an effort to downplay other countries’ crimes—it can be a test of whether we are serious about our principles.

Arguing with Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck’s minions have produced a visually impressive but intellectually barren guide to socialism.

The Many Bad Arguments Against Medicare For All

Debunking some common talking points.

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