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June 28, 2024 ❧ Biden's debate debacle, Bowman felled by dirty politics, and another coup attempt in Bolivia


Plus: Flipping off the cops, Kenya in revolt, some more mostly awful Supreme Court rulings, and how much fish can cats lift?


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June 25, 2024 ❧ Julian Assange goes free, SCOTUS on trans rights, and a big golf protest


Plus: The end of InfoWars, water is woke now, and Przewalski's Horse makes a triumphant return


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June 21, 2024 ❧ The IRS lets rich people off the hook, Italian Pride reclaims "frociaggine," and Louisiana puts the Ten Commandments in school


Plus: Norfolk Southern's toxic cloud spread across the land, Europe kept Sudanese refugees in danger, an Ohio man throws Filth Cans, and the search for the world's gayest animal!


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June 18, 2024 ❧ The U.S. military's secret anti-vax campaign, Trump's awful idea about tariffs, and South Africa's new government


Plus: John Fetterman drives like a maniac, Florida Republicans ban a book about book bans, and clownfish change their gender.


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June 14, 2024 ❧ SCOTUS rules on abortion and unions, Tennessee's prison labor scandal, and Wallace & Gromit get political


Plus: New York might ban masking, Hakeem Jefferies declares war on NY socialists, the EU punishes Hungary's cruelty to migrants, and an antelope with a floppy nose!


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June 11, 2024 ❧ Leonard Peltier's chance at freedom, California's free grocery store, and worrying gains for the European far right


Plus: New York scraps traffic reform, the UAE supports violence in Sudan, Friedrich Engels rolls in his grave, and spiders are mostly harmless.


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June 7, 2024 ❧ Bird Flu, Biden stops asylum, and the TRUTH about the Epoch Times


Plus: Texas builds its own stock exchange, more hulking police vehicles, how the U.S. right is pushing hate in Africa, and giant pangolins are back!


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June 4, 2024 ❧ China's diabetes cure, elections in India and Mexico, and Mr. Netanyahu goes to Washington


Plus: Alabama is hiding death-penalty records, North Korea sends "filth balloons" flying, and Corgis are the new greyhounds


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May 31, 2024 ❧ Convict Trump, the Collapsed Gaza Aid Pier, and Workers vs. Dollar General


Plus: Americans clamor for climate accountability, South Africa holds its elections, Biden considering a dangerous escalation between Ukraine and Russia, and chickens are on the rampage!


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May 28, 2024 ✰ Our 100th Briefing Extravaganza!


Presenting our first ever Current Affairs Briefy Awards!


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May 24, 2024 ❧ Outrageous CEO Pay, spying on protesters, and Florida's "Freedom Summer"


Plus: What would Trump's deportation plan actually look like?, the Supreme Court upholds racial gerrymandering, microplastics in your balls, and a bird you ought to know about.


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May 21, 2024 ❧ The U.S. accuses a Chinese family of spying, Netanyahu is wanted by the ICC, and Assange wins in court


Plus: Adorable polar bears, a crippling cheese addiction, prison labor in the food system, and Louisiana schools somehow get even worse


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May 17, 2024 ❧ The feds interrogate a historian for his Palestine views, union busting in Alabama, and the truth about "woke" colleges


Plus: Clearing up the confusion about the Gaza death toll, Tony Blinken's embarrassing jam session, some boring headlines from foreign newspapers, and thieving foxes 


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News Briefing | May 14, 2024

May 14, 2024 ❧ Virtual DNC, Germans storm a Tesla factory, and Republicans for child marriage


Plus: NYPD cracks down on smoke shops, Milei's anti-LGBTQ policies, a bill to send protesters to Gaza, robo-dating, and a micro mouse


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