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How Corbyn Was Thwarted and How to Rebuild the British Left

Labour activist and author James Schneider explains what went wrong and how a left movement can succeed in the UK.

Marianne Williamson on Her Insurgent Campaign Against Joe Biden

In conversation with editor in chief
Nathan J. Robinson, Williamson lays out her vision for a progressive alternative to the Democratic status quo.

How to Manipulate The Public Into Believing Corporate Lies

Prof. Jennifer Jacquet explains the tactics used to cast doubt about scientific research that threatens corporate profits.

Why is America Awash in Crap?

The fascinating history of cheaply-made consumer goods, from 18th-century jewelry to kitchen gadgets to Beanie Babies, and why Americans keep buying all of this ‘crap.’

How Capitalism Is Killing Our Attention Spans

Johann Hari, author of ‘Stolen Focus,’ discusses the many ways in which tech companies are siphoning our attention for profit.

How Queer History Is Buried

Historian Hugh Ryan, author of “The Women’s House of Detention,” on excavating the stories of LGBTQ+ people from before Stonewall.

Why The Right Hates Social Security (And How They Plan to Destroy It)

The right has had a decades-long strategy of trying to undermine Social Security while pretending to support it. In this conversation, Alex Lawson of Social Security Works exposes their propaganda and lies.

The Apocalyptic Delusions of the Silicon Valley Elite

Douglas Rushkoff explains how the super-rich plan to escape the world after they’ve destroyed it.

Exposing the Secretive and Sinister Work of McKinsey & Co.

An interview with two investigative reporters who dug up the truth about the famed consulting company’s misdeeds.

How The Financial Industry’s ‘White Wall’ Maintains the Racial Wealth Gap

New York Times reporter Emily Flitter explains the workings of systemic racism in finance.

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