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Why All The Anti-Trans Arguments Are Bogus

Biologist and trans activist Dr. Julia Serano discusses what people like Ben Shapiro and J.K. Rowling get wrong about “biology” and debunks some common transphobic talking points.

A Contentious Conversation on Systemic Racism in America

Prof. Glenn Loury, who has both critiqued the concept of systemic racism and argued that understanding racial inequality is crucial to policy-making, discusses the complexities of his position.

San Francisco Socialist Dean Preston Debunks “YIMBY” Propaganda

Preston, a DSA member who serves on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, joins us to discuss the Bay Area housing crisis and its solutions, as well as the bizarre developer-backed astroturf movement waging war on him.

The Obstacle Course Facing Those Seeking Abortions

Abortion could just be treated as normal healthcare. But it isn’t, and as reproductive rights expert Carole Joffe explains, when women seek abortions, they face an absurd and cruel array of obstacles.

Why the Military-Industrial Complex Keeps Growing and Growing

Journalist Andrew Cockburn discusses his new book “The Spoils of War: Power, Profit, and the American War Machine.”

How Can You Talk Effectively to Anti-Vaxxers, Flat Earthers, and Climate Deniers?

A philosopher of science on how we can constructively engage with those whose identities are built around dangerous delusional beliefs.

Is Christopher Hitchens Still Worth Reading?

An interview with Ben Burgis about his upcoming book: “Christopher Hitchens: What He Got Right, Where He Went Wrong, and Why He Still Matters.”

Why Is Talk Radio So Right-Wing? (And How Can The Left Compete?)

America’s leading progressive talk show host, Thom Hartmann, discusses how leftists can effectively counter the conservative talk radio behemoth.

How The Rich Profit Off Racism, From Charter Schools to Detention Centers

Author Jim Freeman discusses his new book “Rich Thanks To Racism: How The Ultra-Wealthy Profit From Racial Injustice.”

Meet The Democratic Socialist Holding Barack Obama’s Old State Senate Seat

In conversation with activist legislator Robert Peters about how leftists can operate “on the inside,” how to get your bills signed into law, and how leftists can adopt effective messaging on public safety and violence.

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