Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

Notes on a Nightmare #4: The Criminality of Donald Trump

At the end of all this, the president should face prosecution.

Everything Has Changed Overnight

The Democratic primary is no longer over. This is a historic crisis requiring nothing less than FDR-style ambition and leadership. We’ve got just the guy.

Notes On A Nightmare #3: A Disturbing Turn in Right-Wing Thought

“What if, instead of free healthcare and a guaranteed income, we just let the virus run rampant and kill a lot of people?”

Where Is Joe?

Biden has failed completely to show leadership during a crisis. There is no excuse for it.

Notes on a Nightmare #2: Suffering and Politics

Why this is so terrifying and how the existing political response is failing us.

Notes on a Nightmare #1: The Virus and Us

Trying to get to grips with what has happened.

Democrats, You Really Do Not Want To Nominate Joe Biden

We urgently need to remember who Biden is and think carefully about what would happen if he were chosen.

Time To Fight Harder Than We’ve Ever Fought Before

The delegate race is neck-and-neck. We need to get every progressive to back Bernie immediately.

What The Stakes Are

We just need Bernie. How is this not self-evident?

Can We Get Real Now, Please?

Look, Bernie is going to win this primary. Continuing to fight only helps Trump.

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