Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

Hostile Architecture Is Evil and Should Be Banned

Attacking homeless people with spikes is morally tantamount to assault. Designers should not be permitted to incorporate the threat of pain into the built environment.

The Norwegians Should Not Have Killed Freya the Walrus

If we valued the lives of animals, we would not simply exterminate the ones that inconvenience us. We need to massively elevate the moral status of other species.

If We Want Humanity to Survive, We Must Cooperate With China

War between nuclear-armed powers should be unthinkable. The deterioration of U.S.-China relations threatens the whole world, and treating China as an enemy is suicidally deranged.

How Can America Stop Creating Lauren Boeberts? 

The far-right Colorado congresswoman and “right-wing AOC” is a bigot who holds loopy beliefs. But her memoir offers clues as to how we might create a country that does not empower these types of fanatics.

Against Liberalism

Luke Savage’s The Dead Center exposes the hypocritical pseudo-progressivism that needs to be defeated.

What Do We Owe Afghanistan?

The 20-year war in Afghanistan is often spoken of as a well-intentioned failure. In fact, it was a major crime originating in bloodlust and an indifference to Afghan lives. The U.S. bears a major responsibility for the present suffering of Afghans and has an obligation to undo the damage it has inflicted.

Can a “Boon For The Fossil Fuel Sector” Really Be Called a Climate Bill?

The absurdity of expanding fossil fuel use in a bill to prevent the catastrophic effects of fossil fuel use.

Why We Still Need Atheism

The New Atheists gave blasphemy a bad name. But strong criticism of religion is still necessary, because many false religious dogmas have terrible real-world effects.

John Fetterman Should Ditch the “Extremely Online” Messaging

Relentlessly trolling Dr. Oz on Twitter is funny, but we desperately need a campaign with a strong, clear progressive agenda.

Dispatches From The Good Future

Where will humanity be a few decades from now? Our correspondent from the future files a report.

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