Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

Bernie Sanders Keeps Us Focused on What Matters

Sanders’ new manifesto is an important reminder of what we should be fighting for, and a reminder that the Democratic party establishment is a main enemy of progress and justice.

The French Understand That Work Sucks

Americans should have the same high expectations that French workers do for a comfortable retirement.

Time To End The Use of “Woke” As a Pejorative

If nobody can agree what it means, how can it be in any way useful? At the very least, we can stop using the word to insult people who care about racism.

Marianne Williamson Deserves To Be Taken Seriously

The dismissal of Williamson is unfair. She has a solid agenda and is an inspiring orator. We should keep an open mind about her candidacy, especially since Biden needs a serious challenger.

Every Libertarian Becomes a Socialist The Moment The Free Market Screws Them

If the rich customers of Silicon Valley Bank deserve to be protected from economic hardship by the government, what about the rest of us?

Prison Abolition Even For Elizabeth Holmes

Moms shouldn’t have their kids taken away. But the prison system does this routinely to parents across the country. Family separation is inherent to incarceration, which is why incarceration itself is an evil.

Why Bother Arguing With The Other Side?

In defense of debunking bad arguments at considerable length.

In Defense of College

College is too expensive, but we need to defend the idea of higher education against those who call it a “scam.” We don’t just need job training; the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake is everyone’s right.

Why Centrism Is Morally Indefensible

Tim Urban’s new book shows how centrists care more about civility than justice, and hate ‘social justice fundamentalism’ more than plutocracy.

Our 40th Issue

Current Affairs enters its eighth year as the best socialism-and-satire print magazine in all of southeast Louisiana.

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