Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

The Majority of Americans Do Not Support Right-Wing Extremism

The midterm election results show hope that Trumpism can be defeated and that the Republican seizure of the country’s political apparatus is not inevitable.

Manufacturing Consent and the Case of Satan

How do we know everything we’ve heard about the guy is true? What if we’ve got the whole story backwards?

What Will Artificial Intelligence Do To Us?

Computers are able to do terrifyingly impressive things, with more to come. What does this mean for work? For art? For the future of the species?

How Is Slavery Still Legal?

It is disturbing that there is even any debate about this. But even some Democrats have supported keeping forced labor legal.

The Right Can Be Defeated

Lula’s victory in Brazil is a great day for both democracy and the climate. But we can also see how powerful the far right is, and how much of what we care about hangs by a thread.

Are Toll Roads Progressive?

It’s tempting to financially disincentivize car use but we also want public infrastructure to be free at point of use.

Cori Bush and the Path to Democratic Popularity

Democrats are failing to convince voters that the party cares about the most pressing issues facing the country. But some, like Rep. Cori Bush, are modeling what a compassionate and appealing Democratic Party might look like.

Why Is The Biden Administration Helping the Pork Industry Maintain Its Cruel and Abusive Practices?

The Supreme Court is considering invalidating California’s law establishing basic minimum standards for the humane treatment of pigs. Yet the Democratic administration is siding with pork producers against the Humane Society.

In Defense of “Bad” Activism

Throwing soup on a painting may be a sub-optimal way of drawing attention to the climate crisis. But it’s an act of desperation from a generation being robbed of their future, and we should talk about the crisis instead of mocking the activists trying to stop it.

How The Blood Is Kept From View

Chris Hedges’ book “The Greatest Evil Is War” forces us to look at the darkest and most disturbing images of war, the ones that those who lead us into war would rather we not see.

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