Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

Is The U.S. Actually Trying to Help Ukraine?

It looks increasingly like the U.S. is more interested in undermining Russia’s power than in saving Ukrainian lives. The U.S. needs to help end the war, not escalate it into a disastrous global confrontation.

The Atrocious Reasoning of Samuel Alito 

The women’s liberation movement fought for abortion rights because criminalizing abortion is a moral horror that produces deadly consequences. Samuel Alito’s leaked decision overturning Roe v. Wade imposes illegitimate patriarchal conceptions of rights.

Right-Wing Elitism is Even Uglier than Liberal Elitism

Yes, too many Democratic politicians are Ivy-educated lawyers. But right-wing populism is a sham led by real estate developers and venture capitalists. Nothing could be more elitist than the Republican antagonism toward democracy.

Socialist Politics are More Necessary Than Ever 

Though we are smeared as “kooky,” “ridiculous,” and “reprehensible,” socialists are actually the only political actors offering a vision of a future worth living in.

The Right Loves Free Speech—Unless They Disagree With What You Say

The American conservative philosophy: free markets until the market produces a result we don’t like, and free speech until it’s leftist speech.

Santa Claus is Real and He’s a Democratic Socialist

Santa Claus of North Pole, Alaska is running for Congress on a progressive platform. Can the true Christmas spirit of love and solidarity triumph against the right-wing politics of Sarah Palin?

The Left Must Be Ruthlessly Strategic

There is a difference between political actions that are expressive and those that are tactical. We have to act on the basis of what works, not what feels noble.

The Wall Street Journal Makes The Case For Expropriating Billionaires

The paper says redistributing the wealth of the 735 richest people would “only” give every single person $14,000. But that would be amazing.

Why American Culture is So Disturbing

Societies can carry out Nazi-level atrocities without most people noticing the moral depravity around them. We need to be more disturbed by things commonly assumed to be normal.

Do Democratic Politicians Understand That Fossil Fuels Have to Go?

The IPCC has made clear that expanding oil and gas infrastructure is suicidal insanity. Why are U.S. progressive politicians contemplating agreeing to it?

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