Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

The Holocaust and Cary Grant

On the pain and horror concealed beneath cheerful images.

Job Creation Can Never Justify Prisons

Incarceration is an evil, and it’s unconscionable to do it for the sake of employing people. We need public works projects that uplift people rather than those that increase human suffering.

The Media’s Climate Coverage Is Indefensible

Members of the press think they’re doing a good job reporting on climate change. They need to read their own publications.

Publications Must Pay Their Writers, Period

It’s non-negotiable. Writers should refuse to produce uncompensated work, and publications should be shamed when they ask for it.

Obliterating the Natural World

The radical (but common) right-wing belief that property rights trump all other rights leads inexorably to the destruction of natural wonders.

Critics of “Don’t Look Up” Are Missing the Entire Point

It’s not about Americans being dumb sheep, but about how billionaires manipulate us into trusting them, how the reckless pursuit of profit can have catastrophic consequences, and the need to come together to fight those who prevent us from solving our problems.

The Persecution of Assange

The issue in this case is simple: should foreign citizens who expose criminal wrongdoing by the United States government be forcibly kidnapped, brought to this country, and thrown into a hole for the rest of their lives?

The Toxic Positivity of Hillary Clinton’s MasterClass in “Resilience”

Clinton’s message is clear: doing well in life is simply a matter of “choosing resilience,” as if it were a lifestyle choice. But steeling oneself against a harsh society is not social justice or a viable political philosophy. The last thing we need is a new generation of vacuous Clintonian politicians.

Are NFTs Any More Stupid Than Everything Else?

People attach value to all kinds of nonsense. While “NFTs” are not uniquely ridiculous, their rise is an extreme illustration of status anxiety in our grossly unequal economy.

Playgrounds For All

Too much thinking about education is focused on preparing children for future jobs. We should care just as much as creating great play spaces as great schools.

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