Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

War and Mardi Gras

How do we celebrate a joyful holiday when our country is responsible for ongoing terrible suffering?

Islamophobia Will Poison This Country

The U.S. media is once again presenting the vicious dehumanizing caricatures that make it easier to oppress and wage war on people.

More Firefighters, Fewer Cops

If we want to keep people safe, we need institutions more like the fire department and less like the police department.

A Response to Hughes

In defense of a highly critical book review.

Beware Government Bullshit

Government spokespeople aren’t always lying. Usually they are just using as many meaningless words as possible to avoid having to answer a question directly.

How To Talk To Your Newborn About Existence

Our new “baby book” is a handy monologue to explain the universe to newborns.

Would it Be Better if We All Turned Color-Blind?

‘The End of Race Politics’ argues that we need to stop talking about race. In practice, that would entail resigning ourselves to perpetual racial inequality.

Can Trump Be Stopped?

While everyone is exhausted, the “magamachine” rolls on. Is a Trump presidency inevitable?

The Necessity of Eliminating Harvard

We will know we have a just educational system when there are no more Harvards.

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