Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

The Death Squad and the Bomber Pilot

The ICC prosecutor takes the radical step of applying a consistent standard to both Israel and Hamas. No wonder U.S. political elites are horrified: if no one is exempt from following international law, what does that mean for our own war crimes?

Why Do We Love Some Animals But Not Others?

Our culture is filled with images of adorable animals, even as we brutalize them by the billions.

A “Tradwife” Discovers the Anti-Feminist Lifestyle Is Miserable and Oppressive

A horrendous alt-right influencer who encouraged “traditional” gender roles realized that practicing what she preached made her feel enslaved.

Should You “Put Your Life In Order” Before Criticizing the World?

Karl Marx’s home life was a hot mess. Jordan Peterson can’t keep his room clean. So what?

The Ban on “Lab-Grown” Meat is Both Reprehensible and Stupid

Mandating that animals should suffer is cruel and benefits no one, except the ranchers whose profits Florida is trying to protect.

The Nicholas Kristof Theory of Social Change 

The New York Times columnist encourages protesters to stop atrocities by, uh, studying abroad.

The Bourgeois Morality of ‘The Ethicist’

The New York Times advice column, where snitching liberal busybodies come to seek absolution, is more than a mere annoyance. In limiting our ethical considerations to tricky personal situations and dilemmas, it directs our thinking away from the larger structural injustices of our time.

You Don’t Have to Publish Every Point of View

It’s indefensible for the New York Times to publish an argument against women’s basic human rights.

Palestine Protests are a Test of Whether This is a Free Country

Can the United States apply consistent standards to pro-Palestine protesters as it does to protecting speech in favor of our country’s violence? No, it doesn’t seem like we can.

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