Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

Puppaganda: How Politicians Use Pets to Convince You of Their Humanity

For a politician in need of a popularity boost, an adorable dog or cat can make an effective distraction from policy.

What Rights Do We Have On Social Media?

It’s absolutely good that Donald Trump was suspended. But unilateral censorship decisions by tech companies are not something we should ultimately celebrate.

The Only Thing Worse Than A NIMBY Is A YIMBY

Pro-development activists try to trick you into thinking it helps the poor to destroy neighborhoods to make way for luxury condos. We need a radically democratic preservationism.

Let’s Remember How Authoritarianism Takes Hold

The invasion of the Capitol was a farce. But it should still terrify us. The lessons of history need to be learned.

How Billionaires See Themselves

Reading the dreadful memoirs of the super-rich offers an illuminating look at their delusions.

QAnon and the Fragility of Truth

How can people fervently believe in something so transparently flimsy, and how do we preserve our connection to reality in a world of informational chaos?

How Amazon Destroys the Intellectual Justifications for Capitalism

Amazon is becoming a giant private government with the power to direct the economy.

The Fraudulent Universalism of Barack Obama

The 44th president’s new memoir showcases his impressive storytelling skills—and the dishonesty and shallowness of the stories he tells.

Horrors Aren’t Heartwarming

Workers walking six miles and nurses scrounging up sick leave isn’t heartwarming- it’s an indictment of the system that forces them to.

The Sophist and The Magician

Understanding how we can be manipulated helps us pull back the curtain on charlatans and can even protect democracy.

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