Articles by Lily Sánchez

Against Incrementalism

‘Incrementalism’ implies that small steps will be taken toward a goal. But we need to beware policies that do not actually serve the goals they claim.

Lessons on Racism from the Crack Era

Reviewing the punitive and racialized law-and-order politics of the ’80s and ’90 reminds us that color-blindness isn’t the solution going forward.

On MLK Day, Always Remember the Radical King

Forty years ago, the federal holiday celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday was created. While King’s legacy and holiday have been co-opted by presidents for political expediency, we must always remember King’s radical critique of U.S. society.

Loneliness Results from an Isolating Society, Not Individual Failures to Pursue Connection

We’re often told that picking up the phone and calling someone can help with the epidemic of loneliness. But the focus on individual efforts simply distracts us from deeper questions about how our society is organized.

The Political Uses of Prison Writing

The New Yorker and the New York Times present “beautiful” stories of the human spirit in prisons. But why don’t we come away committed to ending the caging of human beings?

How AOC Went From Influencer to Influenced

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became a star by taking on the Democratic party establishment. Now she’s given up being an “agitator” and become much less vocal in pushing Medicare For All and a Green New Deal.

Cornel West’s Presidential Campaign Deserves the Left’s Solidarity

What if we stopped despising people who run outside the two-party system and instead took the opportunity to use Cornel West’s run as part of work to build on an independent working-class movement?

Air Quality Has Long Been Overlooked, But It’s a Major Environmental Justice and Public Health Issue

From COVID to wildfires to vehicle smog, the air we breathe is dangerous, and we need a major public health campaign to educate people and provide masks—along with structural changes to address root causes.

Of Course We Should All be Working Less

America’s pro-work culture is destroying our health and well-being. Bernie Sanders has the right idea in calling for a 4-day workweek.

Doctors Who Spread Medical Misinformation Should Lose Their Licenses. Why Don’t They?

Doctors have been some of the worst spreaders of medical misinformation in recent years. Why do most of them get away with it?

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