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Loneliness Results from an Isolating Society, Not Individual Failures to Pursue Connection

We’re often told that picking up the phone and calling someone can help with the epidemic of loneliness. But the focus on individual efforts simply distracts us from deeper questions about how our society is organized.

The Rise and Fall of Crypto Lunacy 

Financial reporter Zeke Faux, author of a new book on Sam Bankman-Fried and the bizarre world of crypto scams, joins to tell us what he witnessed in crypto-world.

How Declining Sperm Counts Have Seeded A Crisis of American Individualism

The right-wing fixation with male reproductive calamity and civilizational decline is a distraction that leads to consumption and despair rather than the systemic change we need.

Exposing the Dark Side of the Fashion Industry

Journalist Alyssa Hardy on how we can appreciate and enjoy clothes while still being determined to change the ways they are made and marketed.

The Strong Towns Movement is Simply Right-Libertarianism Dressed in Progressive Garb

Strong Towns’ critique of America’s car-centric sprawl sounds appealing. But its proposed solutions rely on a conservative politics that prioritizes ‘wealth creation’ over just and equitable urban planning.

You Either See Everyone Else As a Human Being Or You Don’t

It’s obviously morally abominable to booby-trap the border with razors. But some people think desperate migrants deserve whatever cruelties we inflict on them.

How the Life Coaching Industry Sells Pseudo-Solutions to Our Deepest Problems

The cultural pressures to become a self-made individual have intensified at the same time that sources of social support have decreased. Enter the life coach.

Can the Love of Menswear Be Justified in a Time of Global Crisis?

Can there possibly be any value in caring about something as seemingly frivolous as personal style and taste in clothing? As it turns out, Yes!

Bernie Sanders Keeps Us Focused on What Matters

Sanders’ new manifesto is an important reminder of what we should be fighting for, and a reminder that the Democratic party establishment is a main enemy of progress and justice.

Of Course You Should Be Required To Serve LGBTQ Customers

On the ludicrous idea that “pluralism” and “free speech” require us to give homophobes an exemption to anti-discrimination laws.

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