Articles by Samuel Miller McDonald

How Do We Actually Build Solidarity?

“Solidarity” is a word that gets thrown around a lot on the left. But what does it really mean? And how do we take it from a concept to reality?

It’s Not “Ecofascism”—It’s Liberalism

On the newfangled term “ecofascism,” and how it lets plain old racist liberals off the hook.

Oil Age

How one commodity explains the rise of our modern age…and now threatens to destroy it.

Breaking Development

Our concept of “development” is destructive and irrational. It must be abandoned.

His Dark Materialism

In Defense of Facing Our Daemons…

We Need A Fair Way To End Infinite Growth

The left should embrace de-growth, but it’s the rich that need to sacrifice…

Lifecycle of a Leaf

Our food system is insane. Making it better will make us happier…

Democrats Believe In “Freedom Gas” Too

“Freedom gas” is no more ridiculous than “energy independence”—the real scandal is bipartisan commitment to fossil fuels…

The City of Tomorrow

What decarbonized, climate-resilient, and equitable cities could look like…

Capitalism is Collectivist

The market doesn’t care about individuals…

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