Articles by Arjun S. Byju

How Declining Sperm Counts Have Seeded A Crisis of American Individualism

The right-wing fixation with male reproductive calamity and civilizational decline is a distraction that leads to consumption and despair rather than the systemic change we need.

How ‘Active Shooter Trainings’ Normalize Mass Shootings

Active shooter trainings place the public inside seemingly inevitable mass shootings and ask us to save ourselves by preparing for the worst. What if, instead, we tried to prevent shootings altogether?

A World of Pictures

Susan Sontag was right: cameras define reality in ways essential to the workings of a capitalist society.

Eating Endangered

Capitalism has given rise to a new monstrosity: the endangered fish that’s farmed for your table.

Excited Delirium: How Cops Invented a Disease

It might not be “real” in the conventional sense, but it’s still a deadly diagnosis in the hands of police.

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