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A Response to Hughes

In defense of a highly critical book review.

Would it Be Better if We All Turned Color-Blind?

‘The End of Race Politics’ argues that we need to stop talking about race. In practice, that would entail resigning ourselves to perpetual racial inequality.

Conservatives Are Finally Admitting That They Hate MLK

Charlie Kirk and other young conservatives are launching a campaign to discredit the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. It’s a break from the older, historically inaccurate conservative tradition of pretending MLK was on their side.

Can Trump Be Stopped?

While everyone is exhausted, the “magamachine” rolls on. Is a Trump presidency inevitable?

How To Spot Red Flags

Politicians like John Fetterman always tell audiences what they want to hear. It’s our job to scrutinize their records, demand real commitments, and hold them accountable when they lie and betray us.

The Courts Can’t Save Us From Trump

The Colorado Supreme Court’s gambit to ban Trump from the 2024 ballot likely won’t succeed, but it could very easily backfire. It’s the latest example of Democrats being politically clueless.

The Lessons of Vivek

Some tips on how to bullshit your way through life from upstart, attention-hungry, deeply annoying presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

Gavin Newsom is Not a Progressive

California’s governor is being touted as a successor to the Biden throne. Though he’s often imagined as a beacon of progress, his feckless record shows otherwise.

Does Democracy Mainly Mean Voting For Democrats?

Heather Cox Richardson’s narrative of Good Democrats and Bad Republicans lets liberals off the hook for their political failures.

Take Trump Seriously When He Vows To Build The Camps

Trump is openly planning to build a vast network of internment facilities, while railing against “internal threats” and calling his enemies “vermin” and vowing to “root them out.” The warning signs of fascism have never been more obvious or alarming.

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