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Democrats Need to Stop Supporting Apartheid

Mainstream human rights organizations have consistently concluded that Israel is a major human rights violator. Yet even “progressive” Democrats refuse to reconsider US support for Israel.

Where is the Forward Party Headed?

To present a viable alternative to the two dominant political parties, a third party must address material needs and directly counter the bipartisan consensus in Washington: warmaking, addiction to corporate money, and a senseless preoccupation with the political center.

Against Liberalism

Luke Savage’s The Dead Center exposes the hypocritical pseudo-progressivism that needs to be defeated.

How Leftists Should Debate in Mainstream Spaces

Krystal Ball’s recent appearance on Bill Maher’s show provides a case study in how leftists can effectively argue in potentially ideologically hostile territory.

Run. Hide. Fight.

Active shooter trainings place the public inside seemingly inevitable mass shootings and ask us to save ourselves by preparing for the worst. What if, instead, we tried to prevent shootings altogether?

Has the Right Won?

Thoughts on the rash of fash.

What’s Left of Democracy if Our Fate Is Just Decided by a Coal Baron?

How is it that our fate can be in the hands of a single corrupt fossil fuel profiteer? We cannot accept a system in which Joe Manchin gets to decide our future for us.

Is J.B. Pritzker The Democrats’ Only Hope For 2024?

The Illinois governor is not a democratic socialist, but he’s taken a lot of solidly progressive steps and delivers on promises.

The Incredibly Disturbing Texas GOP Agenda Is a Vision For a Theocratic Dystopia

We need to understand the very, very dark forces that we are up against.

Is Forced Unemployment the Best We’ve Got?

The U.S. has decided that maximizing profit is more important than affordable food or gas for Americans. Meanwhile, President Biden could fix prices like Nixon did in 1971.

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