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Democratize the Federal Bureaucracy

The federal bureaucracy wields vast power—why are their leadership positions appointed instead of elected?

What Markey’s Victory Meant For The Left

We should reflect on Senator Markey’s recent re-election and what his race demonstrated about the flexibility of the American Left.

The Path to a Progressive America Runs Through The Cities

Municipal politics wields huge influence in transit, housing, and policing policy. It’s time for progressive groups to invest in Mayoral and City Council races.

The Rot Of The St. Louis Elite Goes Far Deeper Than The “Gun Couple”

They were just a particularly striking symbol of a city built on grotesque racial and economic inequality.

Liberalism’s Veil of Ignorance

David Plouffe’s book is not a guide to beating Trump, but it is an excellent guide to understanding liberalism.

The Right-Wing Myth of the Left-Wing Mob

Trump is spreading delusions about a totalitarian “political correctness gone mad.” Nobody should help further this lie.

Isn’t “Right-Wing Populism” Just Fascism?

It’s a bad idea to listen to right-wingers who claim to be on the side of “the people.” Usually it turns out they want to crush the people by force.

Why Reparations Should Be One Of Today’s Top Political Demands

There is no justice without reparations. Any debate should not be over “if” but “how.”

It’s Time For New Monuments

Statues of racist historical figures are tumbling all over the world. Let’s replace them with monuments to civil rights heroes.

Revolutions Are Good And Should Happen More Often

There are good revolutions, and sometimes uprisings against an unjust social order are necessary.

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