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The Process of Leaving Jordan Peterson Behind

How one Peterson fan lost his faith, and what lessons we can learn about drawing people away from right-wing ideology.

Florida Man

Examining the life and career of Ron DeSantis, whose record of supervising torture and stifling free speech mean he should be kept far, far away from executive power.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a Lying Crank Posing as a Progressive Alternative to Biden

The only ‘herd immunity’ we need is against abysmal candidates like RFK Jr. He has spent decades as a professional liar and is not the kind of person who should be anywhere near power.

Donald Trump Could Well Be The President Again

The polling is alarming. Biden is weak, Trump is ruthless, and 2024 could look a lot more like 2016 than 2020.

Why The Right Will Never, Ever Support Gun Control

Gun control challenges core tenets of their ideology. To convince them to support it, you’d have to convince them to abandon right-wing ideology altogether. That’s why they just need to be thrown out of office.

Homelessness Is An Entirely Solvable Problem

Whether we let people have houses is a choice we make. But those who refuse to support guaranteed housing can’t complain when people end up living on the streets.

The Success of the Tennessee Three Shows Why We Need More Confrontational Politics

The dissident Tennessee legislators who were willing to get thrown out of the House have demonstrated exactly the kind of stance that we need our elected officials to have. Disruption is not the opposite of political pragmatism; it’s essential to being effective.

Progressives Aren’t Hurting the Democratic Party—In Fact, They’re The Only Thing Saving It

New York is not just a case study in the winnability of leftist ideas. It is also ground zero for the left to try to leverage its power to extract concessions before supporting moderate Democrats.

Chicago Destroys the Myth That Voters Want Centrist Candidates

Brandon Johnson ran and won as an unabashed progressive who didn’t give in to “tough on crime” fearmongering. The lesson for the left is to stick to your principles. It is not more “pragmatic” to be a centrist.

Democrats Slashed Medicaid and Food Assistance Because We Didn’t Fight

Rhode Island state senator Sam Bell shows how Democrats have refused to fight on issues that matter, with tragic consequences for working people.

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