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I Beg You To Remember That The Electoral College Exists

Biden can win the popular vote and lose the election. Please stop citing nationwide polls to draw conclusions about who is “ahead.”

“Conservatism” Conserves Nothing

Whatever “conservatism” is, it does not involve the conservation of a stable climate, or the polar ice caps, or the coral reefs, or the global food supply. 

What Chasten Buttigieg Has to Tell Us

‘I Have Something to Tell You’ provides a blueprint for an LGBTQ politics whose only challenge to American empire and capitalism is that our most oppressive institutions should be queer-affirming.

Does Hunter Biden Matter?

Republicans believe the president’s son is at the center of the corruption scandal of the century. Democrats think Hunter is a non-issue and the worst allegations are mere conspiracy theory. Should voters care, and how much?

Moderates, Not Leftists, Have Created the Crises in Democratic Cities

The right claims that radical leftists have run ‘woke’ cities into the ground. But this is false. Moderate policies over the last few decades have created the conditions for crime, drug use, and homelessness to increase in Democratic cities.

Are We In The Grip of an ‘American Cultural Revolution’?

Reviewing the new book by Christopher Rufo, architect of the right’s crusade against “critical race theory.”

How AOC Went From Influencer to Influenced

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became a star by taking on the Democratic party establishment. Now she’s given up being an “agitator” and become much less vocal in pushing Medicare For All and a Green New Deal.

Cornel West’s Presidential Campaign Deserves the Left’s Solidarity

What if we stopped despising people who run outside the two-party system and instead took the opportunity to use Cornel West’s run as part of work to build on an independent working-class movement?

How Ron DeSantis Turned Covid Denialism Into a Major Political Weapon

The Florida governor’s deadly anti-public health politics may just help him outflank Trump, who looks like a moderate in comparison.

How the Lottery Became a Substitute for Actual Hope

Instead of taxing the wealthiest, states fund important services through encouraging gambling habits. And instead of meaningful expectations for a better life, many people just have lotto tickets.

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