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Make Billionaires Republicans Again

It’s a good sign for the Democratic Party that Elon Musk doesn’t want to be a member.

If We Want the Supreme Court to Stop Legislating, We Need Real Legislators to Do Their Jobs

The recent Supreme Court leak raises questions about the ongoing debate over what role the court should have in a representative democracy.

Right-Wing Elitism is Even Uglier than Liberal Elitism

Yes, too many Democratic politicians are Ivy-educated lawyers. But right-wing populism is a sham led by real estate developers and venture capitalists. Nothing could be more elitist than the Republican antagonism toward democracy.

Santa Claus is Real and He’s a Democratic Socialist

Santa Claus of North Pole, Alaska is running for Congress on a progressive platform. Can the true Christmas spirit of love and solidarity triumph against the right-wing politics of Sarah Palin?

Obliterating the Natural World

The radical (but common) right-wing belief that property rights trump all other rights leads inexorably to the destruction of natural wonders.

The Toxic Positivity of Hillary Clinton’s MasterClass in “Resilience”

Clinton’s message is clear: doing well in life is simply a matter of “choosing resilience,” as if it were a lifestyle choice. But steeling oneself against a harsh society is not social justice or a viable political philosophy. The last thing we need is a new generation of vacuous Clintonian politicians.

How Conservatives Manufacture Ghost Stories to Protect the Powerful

In each generation, conservatives manufacture a new threat to civilization, from communism to Iraq’s WMDs to critical race theory. The right depends on the fear of a scary other for its political success because its actual policies are so unpopular.

Why Democrats Fold On Everything

It’s laughable to think the party is at risk of being too progressive or too ambitious. But we can expect to see them continue to capitulate and fail if we don’t escalate outside pressure on elected officials.

How Simple Stories About Politics Delude Us

Narratives help us make sense of the world, but they also blind us to its reality. We must take care not to believe stories that are comforting but untrue.

Why Is The Biden Administration Obstructing a Torture Investigation?

If Biden actually believes torture “goes against everything we stand for,” perhaps he should stop having his lawyers stand for it in court.

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