Articles by Stephen Prager

The Sinister Politics of ‘Pass it On’ Billboards

The inspirational yet vacuous fare that makes a fetish out of individual grit and achievement is funded by a right-wing billionaire who wants you to forget about systemic causes of injustice.

Gavin Newsom is Not a Progressive

California’s governor is being touted as a successor to the Biden throne. Though he’s often imagined as a beacon of progress, his feckless record shows otherwise.

How the Media Turns Extremists Into “Moderates”

The credulity of the media is helping one of the GOP’s most extreme candidates rebrand herself as “the adult in the room.”

Voters Have the Right to Be Dissatisfied with ‘Bidenomics’

The president’s defenders think voters are ungrateful for a good economy. But people’s economic experiences vary widely, and much of the country has little to appreciate Biden for.

QUIZ: Conservative Pundit or Person We Just Made Up?

Can you tell a fictitious right-wing pundit name from a real one? Take our quiz and find out!

How Can We Trust What We See?

The deepfake era threatens to further erode people’s ability to tell truth from lies, and bring cynicism and conspiracism to new levels. We can keep this from happening, but it will take the hard work of building trustworthy media institutions.

Book Publishers Are Trying to Destroy Public E-Book Access in Order to Increase Profits

A recent ruling against the Internet Archive for copyright infringement threatens a treasured and critical public institution: our libraries.

Imagining a Church Committee for the 21st Century

Jim Jordan’s Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government is a joke. We need a serious investigation into the government’s abuses of power.

Republicans Are Starting to Discuss Which Groups To Cast Out of Democratic Society

Some Republicans would endorse an end to democracy before accepting the defeat of the conservative political project, and, if you listen closely, you’ll notice that they don’t hesitate to say it out loud.

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