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What Progressives Need To Learn From Republicans About Forcing Concessions From Party Leaders

Power concedes nothing without a demand, as holdout Republicans demonstrated by demanding concessions for their vote for speaker. Progressives should have done the same in 2021.

What I Learned Curating Presidential Theater for Obama

A former Obama advance man on how the hollow pageantry of political stagecraft legitimizes bad policy and distracts us from more substantive political discussions.

The Case for Proportional Representation

A response to Benjamin Studebaker’s argument against proportional representation: why socialists need to commit to this democratic reform.

James Lindsay’s “Race Marxism” is Ignorant About Both Race and Marxism

Critical race theory and Marxism are thoroughly and predictably warped in this conservative bestseller.

Why the Right Can’t Boogaloo

The Right is ignorant about the rich history of “Boogaloo,” which evokes celebration, music, and dance, not violence.

Don’t Write Him Off Yet

In 2016, pundits and pollsters underestimated Donald Trump’s chances, resulting in a shocking upset. They should be careful not to make the same mistake twice.

The Majority of Americans Do Not Support Right-Wing Extremism

The midterm election results show hope that Trumpism can be defeated and that the Republican seizure of the country’s political apparatus is not inevitable.

Weird Vibes at the Ballot Box

How the writings of pioneering counterculture journalist Hunter S. Thompson exposed the grotesque circus of American politics—and can broaden our vision of the possible.

Cori Bush and the Path to Democratic Popularity

Democrats are failing to convince voters that the party cares about the most pressing issues facing the country. But some, like Rep. Cori Bush, are modeling what a compassionate and appealing Democratic Party might look like.

Democrats Need to Stop Supporting Apartheid

Mainstream human rights organizations have consistently concluded that Israel is a major human rights violator. Yet even “progressive” Democrats refuse to reconsider US support for Israel.

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