Articles by Alex Skopic

A Brief Cultural History of the White Rapper

Why do they exist? Where did they come from? Can they be defended? The most pressing questions, answered.

Jimmy Carter Stood up for Palestinians. Why Won’t Today’s Democrats?

At the height of George W. Bush’s War on Terror, Jimmy Carter had the courage to call out Israel for its human rights abuses. What’s stopping Democrats from doing the same now?

How Anti-Homeless Sentiment Made Its Way Into Popular Cartoons

Cartoon depictions of the homeless increasingly reflect the hostility of today’s political leaders toward people on the streets. We’ve gone from images of charming hobos with bindles to zombies taking over cities.

The Octopus Abattoir Must be Stopped

Industrial octopus farming is a horrific proposal that should be banned.

The Espionage Act is Bad for America—Even When it’s Used on Trump

A relic of the First World War that helped destroy the anti-war left, the Act remains a threat to news outlets, political organizers, and anyone else who might challenge American militarism and the surveillance state.

The Tragedy of the Unabomber

Ted Kaczynski’s criticisms of environmental destruction and out-of-control technology were incisive. But, disdaining leftists and being unwilling to join with others in a social movement, he resorted to abhorrent terroristic methods that had no chance of solving any of the problems he perceived.

How the Lottery Became a Substitute for Actual Hope

Instead of taxing the wealthiest, states fund important services through encouraging gambling habits. And instead of meaningful expectations for a better life, many people just have lotto tickets.

Florida Man

Examining the life and career of Ron DeSantis, whose record of supervising torture and stifling free speech mean he should be kept far, far away from executive power.

Stalin Will Never Be Redeemable

Stalin was socialism’s worst enemy. History is easily forgotten, so nostalgia for the “Man of Steel” needs to be guarded against.

James Lindsay’s “Race Marxism” is Ignorant About Both Race and Marxism

Critical race theory and Marxism are thoroughly and predictably warped in this conservative bestseller.

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