Articles by Alex Skopic

Israel’s Propaganda Machine is Filling the Internet with Misinformation

A sophisticated network of websites is spreading pro-Israel posts and suppressing content that “harms Israel’s image.” Would we accept this from supporters of any other country?

How to Neutralize the Electoral College

The institution is unjust, anti-democratic, and just plain silly. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Ye and the Problem of Fascist Art

The rapper’s embrace of Nazi ideology is strange and awful, but it can teach us a lot about how far-right politics spread.

COVID-19 is Still a Threat. So is Biden’s CDC.

The pandemic is not actually over, and pushing people to work while they’re still sick is despicable.

How to Write a Good Political Poem

Most political poetry is not good. But can it ever be? Yes!

Abolish the Tipped Minimum Wage

Service workers deserve a real livable wage. How is this even up for debate?

The NFL is an Abusive Workplace

As Super Bowl Sunday draws near, it’s important to remember the systemic labor issues that plague the nation’s most popular sport.

Islamophobia Will Poison This Country

The U.S. media is once again presenting the vicious dehumanizing caricatures that make it easier to oppress and wage war on people.

Dollar Stores Show Capitalism at its Worst

A firsthand account of the unsafe working conditions, low pay, and corporate surveillance at one of the country’s most profitable retail chains.

The Shoplifting ‘Epidemic’ is a Lie

The media might want us to think society is wracked by a shoplifting ‘epidemic’ or ‘crisis,’ but when we take a look at the facts, it’s obvious that isn’t true.

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