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Islamophobia Will Poison This Country

The U.S. media is once again presenting the vicious dehumanizing caricatures that make it easier to oppress and wage war on people.

The Shoplifting ‘Epidemic’ is a Lie

The media might want us to think society is wracked by a shoplifting ‘epidemic’ or ‘crisis,’ but when we take a look at the facts, it’s obvious that isn’t true.

“Libs of Tiktok” Is Orwell’s “Two Minutes Hate”

The right-wing social media account is vicious and dehumanizing. Its revolting toxicity shows us why empathy and solidarity are so important.

How the Media Turns Extremists Into “Moderates”

The credulity of the media is helping one of the GOP’s most extreme candidates rebrand herself as “the adult in the room.”

As Cruel As It’s Possible To Be

Fox host Jesse Watters has a way to “fix” homelessness: make people feel ashamed of themselves as they lay dying in the streets.

How Rupert Murdoch Destroyed the News

Murdoch’s vast empire of toxic right-wing propaganda, from the British tabloids to the Wall Street Journal to Fox News, has poisoned the brains of millions and made the world dramatically worse.

‘The Miracle Worker’ Tells a Surprisingly Bold and Liberatory Story about Helen Keller

How the 1962 film about Helen Keller is not the sanitized, ableist depiction we might assume.

Book Publishers Are Trying to Destroy Public E-Book Access in Order to Increase Profits

A recent ruling against the Internet Archive for copyright infringement threatens a treasured and critical public institution: our libraries.

The Collapse of BuzzFeed News Shows Why For-Profit Journalism is a Disaster

Capitalist owners are not going to fund unprofitable, resource-intensive investigative work. A different model is needed if journalism is going to survive.

How Deregulation Created a Corporate Media Nightmare

In this excerpt from ‘The New Power Elite,’ sociologist Heather Gautney explains how the consolidation of media into a few powerful corporations is a key part of the neoliberal project to co-opt this pillar of social and political engagement.

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