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Book Publishers Are Trying to Destroy Public E-Book Access in Order to Increase Profits

A recent ruling against the Internet Archive for copyright infringement threatens a treasured and critical public institution: our libraries.

The Collapse of BuzzFeed News Shows Why For-Profit Journalism is a Disaster

Capitalist owners are not going to fund unprofitable, resource-intensive investigative work. A different model is needed if journalism is going to survive.

How Deregulation Created a Corporate Media Nightmare

In this excerpt from ‘The New Power Elite,’ sociologist Heather Gautney explains how the consolidation of media into a few powerful corporations is a key part of the neoliberal project to co-opt this pillar of social and political engagement.

Why Left Media Needs Your Support

The right-wing propaganda apparatus is absurdly well funded. Scrappy left outlets (like this one) are fighting hard to provide a counterpoint, but we need more resources.

NPR is Not Your Friend

National Public Radio began as a scrappy institution featuring the voices of average Americans. Today it’s a sterile, inoffensive corporate product that is produced, funded, and consumed by a narrow demographic of highly educated liberals.

On Experiencing Joe Rogan

The popular podcaster holds some ugly reactionary views and needs to do more research before he speaks. But his audience are people that leftists should want to persuade, and trying to stifle him will likely backfire. What we need is better, more trustworthy media.

The Urgent Need for Adversarial Journalism

All governments lie. When the U.S. government makes serious allegations about crimes by the Russian government, we have to demand proof.

The Holocaust and Cary Grant

On the pain and horror concealed beneath cheerful images.

The Real Problem With Jon Stewart

The Daily Show changed political comedy, but Stewart’s persistent non-partisanship has limited his ability to stay relevant.

How To Make Money By Getting Everyone To Hate You

British media personality Piers Morgan believes he will be “canceled” for his asinine opinions. In fact, there’s always an audience for this type of arsehole.

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