Articles in Frivolity & Amusement

I, Milton Wallace, Also Quit

Old Milty returns, head held high, despite the liberal media elites who would love nothing more than to silence his truth.

Civility!: The Game

A game of reasonable change within carefully delineated boundaries!

Occasions When It Is Okay To Criticize Democrats

If you hate freedom and democracy, that is.

BREAKING: Secret Notes From Democratic Party Headquarters

A peek inside the finest minds that ever got legacy-admitted to the Ivy Leagues.

Senator Chuck Meets the Alien Invaders

A day in the life of Senator Chuck.

The Time Travails of Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro journeys through space and time to go annoy other societies for a change.

The Adventures of Bat & Robin

Can these perfectly normal persons successfully retrieve a lost package? Find out in this issue of Bat & Robin!

Quest for Healthcare

Get a sneak peek into the new module for beloved role-playing game Advanced Plans & Premiums!

Some Deus Ex Machina Scenarios For The Election

Jason Adam Katzenstein peers into his multiverse scrying glass to bring us some possible election outcomes. With illustrations!

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