Articles in Frivolity & Amusement

Heartwarming Tales of Capitalism Gone Right

We must defend local news at all costs.

European History Quiz for Proud Defenders of Western Civilization

No trick questions or your money back guaranteed.*

The Incredible Access Man & The Amazing Means-Tested Boy

Bleeding out on the sidewalk? Access Man has the paperwork for that!

Can You Beat the Bureaucracy?

In the land of bureaucracy the truth is meaningless and only technicalities matter, which means you’ve already made your first mistake.

Occasions When It Is Okay To Criticize Democrats

If you hate freedom and democracy, that is.

BREAKING: Secret Notes From Democratic Party Headquarters

A peek inside the finest minds that ever got legacy-admitted to the Ivy Leagues.

Senator Chuck Meets the Alien Invaders

A day in the life of Senator Chuck.

The Time Travails of Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro journeys through space and time to go annoy other societies for a change.

The Adventures of Bat & Robin

Can these perfectly normal persons successfully retrieve a lost package? Find out in this issue of Bat & Robin!

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