Articles by Lyta Gold

Inside the Incel

A new documentary shows why the controversial internet subculture is such a tough topic to cover.

Take the Quiz: Which Shape Are You?

Might you be a glorious blorp, or a monstrous scutoid? There’s only one way to be sure!

The Nest Wing by Aaron Squawkin

It’s time to flock together—for freedom.

Presenting The 2020 “Griftie” Awards

Precedented times or not, the grift stops for no man. Today, Current Affairs celebrates.

Current Affairs Presents: Liberated Cosmopolitan

Seize the means of reproduction with these five *sizzling* slogans!

When History Happens

Editor Lyta Gold reflects on the writings of Connie Willis and the heroes of history.

Can You Beat the Bureaucracy?

In the land of bureaucracy the truth is meaningless and only technicalities matter, which means you’ve already made your first mistake.

Senator Chuck Meets the Alien Invaders

A day in the life of Senator Chuck.

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