Articles by Lyta Gold

Presenting The 2019 “Griftie” Awards

We live in an age of great rip-off artists and hucksters. Today Current Affairs honors their achievements.

Get in Losers, We’re Doing Socialism

The Society grapples with the challenges of socialism in practice…

The Stories We Tell

Why narratives matter, and don’t, and matter, and don’t…

World Without Men

The wisdom and weirdness of feminist utopian novels…

A City’s Shopping List

What will your city buy when its billionaires are expropriated?

Who Goes Nazi? Office Edition

When push comes to shove, which of your coworkers will go fash, and which would never?

Evolutionary Psychology Quiz

Test Your Knowledge of a Totally Legitimate Field…

When It Comes To Anti-Semitism, Are You Listening to The Community?

On issues involving Israel, be sure you’re listening to the right community…

The Cancel Monster

Social media “mobs” are relatively powerless. Why is there so much fear of them?

11 Billionaires Who Need Shaming

These billionaires have been very, very bad.

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