Articles by Nick Slater

The Allure of Shipwrecks

On the incomparable experience of prowling through sunken vessels.

Let Us Praise and Honor Cats

They are wondrous in many ways.

The Nest Wing by Aaron Squawkin

It’s time to flock together—for freedom.

James Harden and the Death of Heliocentrism

Catering to the whims of stars above all else doesn’t work—either in sports or society at large.

How SEO Is Gentrifying the Internet

Discover the one weird trick that’s ruining everything you love about being online.

Min-terview: Brianna Rennix, Leftenant Editor

Do you find yourself wishing your favorite leftist publication had more swordsmithing content? We have just the editor for you.

The Royal Jelly Problem of Modern Workplaces

In which predetermining the success of a few leaves the vast majority neglected and bound for failure.

A Place Like Home

Editor Nick Slater on the comforts and fuzzy corporeality of home.

You Are Not Free to Move Out of the Country

An American passport isn’t worth what it used to be—but it’s also never opened as many doors as you might’ve thought.

BREAKING: Secret Notes From Democratic Party Headquarters

A peek inside the finest minds that ever got legacy-admitted to the Ivy Leagues.

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