Articles by The Editors

Heartwarming Tales of Capitalism Gone Right

We must defend local news at all costs.

Welcome, Babies

A message from Current Affairs to all babies and the people who made them.

European History Quiz for Proud Defenders of Western Civilization

No trick questions or your money back guaranteed.*

The “Long Sustained Electoral Scream” Roundtable

WE ARE SCREAMING and also speculating and also giving you special insight from a very, very special guest.

The “Fresh Hot Takes on Canada” Roundtable

In which the editors offend the entire nation of Canada, and Oren Nimni—internet heartthrob, anarchist, and Canadian citizen—finds himself defending the State.

The “Replace Bad Things With Good Things” Roundtable

Bad things! We’re all sick of them. Isn’t it high time they were replaced with good things?

The “Left Aesthetics” Roundtable

The editors talk aesthetics, leftism, beauty, Oren’s t-shirts, and the garment industry. Also, Rennix gets cancelled.

The “Snacks Madness” Roundtable

In which the tedium of quarantine reduces your editorial board to arguing about snack preferences but also leads to a discussion about what “consumer choice” really means.

The Five Hottest Guillotines of 2020, Ranked

Do you have revolutionary fever, or revolutionary FOMO? Order one of these top five guillotines now and be totally prepped for certain upcoming events we have been legally instructed not to reference directly.

The “Quarantine Sports” Roundtable

In which our editors consider exciting new coronavirus-era sports, such as cat wrassling, potato-related strength competitions, and writing absurdist movies.

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