Articles in Criminal Punishment

More Firefighters, Fewer Cops

If we want to keep people safe, we need institutions more like the fire department and less like the police department.

The Political Uses of Prison Writing

The New Yorker and the New York Times present “beautiful” stories of the human spirit in prisons. But why don’t we come away committed to ending the caging of human beings?

Exposing the Many Layers of Injustice In the US Criminal Punishment System

From the unmatched power of prosecutors to the political corruption of judges, our criminal punishment system is rife with injustice.

A Dead Man’s Plea for The Rights of Prisoners

On the life of Shawn R. Griffith, and the extraordinary book he produced during his precious few years of freedom.

Prison Abolition Even For Elizabeth Holmes

Moms shouldn’t have their kids taken away. But the prison system does this routinely to parents across the country. Family separation is inherent to incarceration, which is why incarceration itself is an evil.

Why Authoritarianism Isn’t The Way to Get Nice Things

No, introducing Singapore-style canings is not going to make American public infrastructure stop sucking.

Everyday Violence Against Children

The criminal punishment system targets poor children and children of color for the harshest treatment without addressing the root causes of crime.

How Is Slavery Still Legal?

It is disturbing that there is even any debate about this. But even some Democrats have supported keeping forced labor legal.

The Illinois Mass Shooting Proves That The Guns Are The Problem

If you lock down the schools, shooters will kill outside. “Red flag” laws cannot isolate threats with accuracy. We have to take on gun ownership itself.

Job Creation Can Never Justify Prisons

Incarceration is an evil, and it’s unconscionable to do it for the sake of employing people. We need public works projects that uplift people rather than those that increase human suffering.

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