Articles in Criminal Punishment

How The U.S. Trained Killer Cops Across The Hemisphere

It’s not just that our domestic police are brutal. The U.S. has exported its police and military tactics to other countries as well.

A Free “Safer In The Streets” Guide For Protesters

Across the world people are taking to the streets in an unprecedented uprising. This pamphlet offers advice on how to keep safe from cops at protests.

Why Damaging Property Isn’t The Same As “Violence”

Harm to objects is not the same as harm to people, and we have to keep the distinction in mind when evaluating protests.

A Prosecutorial Mad Lib

Officer-involved shooting edition: explain why you are choosing not to issue any indictments.

Both Cruel and Usual

A new book on criminal punishment exposes the responsibility of lawyers.

Getting Past Punishment

Prisons are dystopian microstates that operate on senselessly cruel bureaucratic logic.

The Chicago Police Department Tortured People

Radical lawyer Flint Taylor discusses his work on Fred Hampton’s murder case, Chicago police torture, and prison abolition…

Why Can’t Prisoners Vote?

If we want to live in a democracy, we have to have universal suffrage. Period.

The Autobiography of Robert Pruett

Robert Pruett has been in prison since age 15. On Thursday the State of Texas plans to take his life…

Wait, Do People Actually Know Just How Evil This Man Is?

Joe Arpaio’s reign was two decades of intimidation, cruelty, and abuses of power…

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