Articles by Thomas Moller-Nielsen

Why Did Russia Launch This Catastrophic War?

It is critical to understand past events that helped lead to Russia’s war. We must push for a diplomatic end to the war if we wish to avoid more human suffering and the ongoing risk of nuclear Armageddon.

What are Our Phones Doing to Us?

Are smartphones destroying our focus, our relationships, and even our humanity?

The Irrational Fear of Russia

The arguments made against Russia are often weak or hypocritical, and U.S. commentators still subscribe to a “Russo-Orientalism” that views the country as a mysterious dangerous Other.

Private vs Public Surveillance: Reflections on Edward Snowden’s Personal Record

In the days following Trump’s proposal of a pardon, the public reexamines the actions and inner world of Edward Snowden.

What Is Žižek For?

The celebrated “leftist” “philosopher” is a racist and reactionary whose intellectual product is worthless. The Left should have nothing to do with him.

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