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If You Want to Enact Free College, Cancel Student Debt Immediately

Financial Editor Sparky Abraham on why there are truly no good reasons not to cancel student debt.

The Reputation Launderers

Talking with monsters like they’re not monsters isn’t journalism- it’s cowardice.

Now the Work Begins

The left’s task, under a Biden-Harris presidency, remains the same as it would under a second Trump term: organize and fight like hell.

I, Milton Wallace, Also Quit

Old Milty returns, head held high, despite the liberal media elites who would love nothing more than to silence his truth.

Borat As Milgram Experiment

The film’s lesson is not so much that Americans are bigoted, but that they decline to take moral stands when it counts. The implications should disturb us all.

Interview: Stephanie Kelton Talks MMT and More

Stephanie Kelton, economics and public policy expert, talks the mythical and oft-misunderstood modern monetary theory with Nathan and Sparky.

Civility!: The Game

A game of reasonable change within carefully delineated boundaries!

Why Nationalism Is A Brain Disease

Matthew Yglesias’ “One Billion Americans” argues that America needs more people because America must be the best. But why be the “best”? And what is “America”?

You Are Not Free to Move Out of the Country

An American passport isn’t worth what it used to be—but it’s also never opened as many doors as you might’ve thought.

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