Articles in Philosophy

Can Philosophy Be Justified in a Time of Crisis?

Is it morally acceptable to be apolitical? Is there something wrong with the pursuit of “knowledge for knowledge’s sake”?

A Philosopher Explains Why It’s Rational to Be Angry

Is anger the enemy of cool reason? Or can it be an important and rational part of our political commitment?

Beware Ideologies That Tell You You’re Better Than Everyone Else

On the ugly fascist nonsense of Costin Alamariu, the ‘Bronze Age Pervert,’
and why objectively horrible ideologies somehow find adherents.

Why Conservative Intellectuals Are Anti-Intellectual

The heart of the problem for conservatives is this: they fear too much intellectualism will lead people to question authority and hierarchy.

Defective Altruism

Socialism is the most effective altruism. Who needs anything else? The repugnant philosophy of “Effective Altruism” offers nothing to movements for global justice.

Thinking More Clearly About the Idea of “Rights”

Understanding how to talk about rights can help us convince others of the need for social uplift with broad leftist policies that guarantee basic necessities for all.

Jean-Paul Sartre and the Problem of Being “Progressive Except for Palestine”

The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre was famous for his anti-colonial positions, but waffled when it came to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Why did he struggle to be consistent, and what does that tell us about “progressive except for Palestine” intellectuals today?

Magic and Capitalism

Katie Jane Fernelius on the meme of magic, the sincerity of its deceit, and what we’re too eager to believe.

What David Graeber Noticed

Anarchist, anthropologist, activist: Graeber’s defiant insistence on the value of freedom, joy, and questioning the unquestionable should leave a lasting imprint on the left.

Empire of Same

Samuel Miller McDonald takes an introspective look at chemical deserts, Disney’s hegemony, and empires of the past and future.

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