Articles in Philosophy

Go Ahead and Shrug

Ayn Rand imagines a world in which capitalists got tired of their jobs and left for good. If only they would!

The Politics of Emergencies

What exactly is an “emergency” and how do we imagine it?

The Power of Anarchist Analysis

How anti-authoritarian thinking makes the world clearer.

What Is Žižek For?

The celebrated “leftist” “philosopher” is a racist and reactionary whose intellectual product is worthless. The Left should have nothing to do with him.

What a “Right” To Healthcare Actually Means

It’s not slavery or coercion. It’s just a statement of what a government ought to provide resources for.

Lessons From Chomsky

Some things I’ve learned from his writings…

Being Mr. Reasonable

For a “rationalist,” Sam Harris is stunningly irrational…

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