Articles by Matt McManus

It’s Time to Break Up With Our Exploitative Political and Economic System

Malaika Jabali’s new book explains why living under capitalism is like being in an abusive relationship. It’s a funny and engaging primer on anti-capitalist and socialist politics, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

Are We In The Grip of an ‘American Cultural Revolution’?

Reviewing the new book by Christopher Rufo, architect of the right’s crusade against “critical race theory.”

In Defense of College

College is too expensive, but we need to defend the idea of higher education against those who call it a “scam.” We don’t just need job training; the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake is everyone’s right.

‘American Democratic Socialism’ Has a Proud, Diverse, and Inspiring History

Gary Dorrien’s sweeping history of American democratic socialism weaves personal, intellectual, and spiritual narratives together in a book that reminds us of the great potential of the socialist movement.

Why Conservatism Can Never Be “Populist”

Conservative “populism” has never been about egalitarianism, but about mobilizing support for traditional hierarchies and giving those considered “worthy” a taste of status and power. A review of “I, The People The Rhetoric of Conservative Populism in the United States” by Paul Elliott Johnson.

Why Conservative Intellectuals Are Anti-Intellectual

The heart of the problem for conservatives is this: they fear too much intellectualism will lead people to question authority and hierarchy.

Taking White Supremacist Talking Points Mainstream

Popular conservative writer Douglas Murray is open about his ethnic chauvinism, and while he claims to offer common sense and reason, his work is riddled with errors and overflows with bigotry.

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