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The Police Are The Problem

Policing is the use of violence to solve social problems. If we want stop police violence, we need alternatives to policing.

The Libertarian Case for Abortion

As a libertarian, you should cheer when federal protections expand your rights and choices, and be concerned when they limit them. The latest Supreme Court decision over abortion decreases freedom and choice.

The Supreme Court Has Destroyed Its Legitimacy and There Is No Reason to Respect It

When an unelected conservative majority simply imposes the right’s policy preferences by fiat, there is little reason for the rest of us to respect the Court’s authority.

The Atrocious Reasoning of Samuel Alito 

The women’s liberation movement fought for abortion rights because criminalizing abortion is a moral horror that produces deadly consequences. Samuel Alito’s leaked decision overturning Roe v. Wade imposes illegitimate patriarchal conceptions of rights.

The Right Loves Free Speech—Unless They Disagree With What You Say

The American conservative philosophy: free markets until the market produces a result we don’t like, and free speech until it’s leftist speech.

The Persecution of Assange

The issue in this case is simple: should foreign citizens who expose criminal wrongdoing by the United States government be forcibly kidnapped, brought to this country, and thrown into a hole for the rest of their lives?

The Problems With Public Defense Are Big, But They’re Fixable

A growing number of public defenders are refusing to submit to a brutal and soul-crushing system.

Trial by Combat and the Myths of Our Modern Legal System

Conflict resolution has changed a bit since the Middle Ages, but not as much as you might think.

Why Amy Coney Barrett Should Not Be On The Supreme Court

Her rulings reveal a judge who serves the interests of Trump, telemarketers, debt collectors, bureaucrats, and cops.

Why Ginsburg Didn’t Retire

If justices admit they’re political, their role in government becomes much harder to defend. No wonder Ginsburg clung to her seat.

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