Articles by Briahna Joy Gray

What Progressives Need To Learn From Republicans About Forcing Concessions From Party Leaders

Power concedes nothing without a demand, as holdout Republicans demonstrated by demanding concessions for their vote for speaker. Progressives should have done the same in 2021.

Don’t Write Him Off Yet

In 2016, pundits and pollsters underestimated Donald Trump’s chances, resulting in a shocking upset. They should be careful not to make the same mistake twice.

Debt is a Form of Social Control

To be indebted means to lack freedom. That’s why elites melt down in response to Biden’s new plan to forgive $10k of student debt. They don’t want you to be free.

Where is the Forward Party Headed?

To present a viable alternative to the two dominant political parties, a third party must address material needs and directly counter the bipartisan consensus in Washington: warmaking, addiction to corporate money, and a senseless preoccupation with the political center.

The Libertarian Case for Abortion

As a libertarian, you should cheer when federal protections expand your rights and choices, and be concerned when they limit them. The latest Supreme Court decision over abortion decreases freedom and choice.

Is Forced Unemployment the Best We’ve Got?

The U.S. has decided that maximizing profit is more important than affordable food or gas for Americans. Meanwhile, President Biden could fix prices like Nixon did in 1971.

Congressional Inaction Will Ensure More Deaths Due to Gun Violence

Is it possible, in the wake of the horrific tragedies last month, to have an honest conversation about gun culture that’s separate and apart from gun ownership?

If We Want the Supreme Court to Stop Legislating, We Need Real Legislators to Do Their Jobs

The recent Supreme Court leak raises questions about the ongoing debate over what role the court should have in a representative democracy.

The Case for Forcing a Floor Vote on Medicare for All

Briahna Joy Gray on why forcing Pelosi into a floor vote is one important part of a broader strategy for building progressive power.

In Defense of Litmus Tests

Having principles is not an indulgence. It’s essential if we’re going to be better than the right.

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