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What the Vietnam War Can Tell Us About Ukraine

There is no one more dangerous than a political leader who is losing a war and possesses weapons of mass destruction.

Ignoring Gorbachev’s Warnings

In the wake of his death, the former Soviet leader has been given warm tributes in the US. But there’s precious little discussion of Gorbachev’s strong criticisms of US foreign policy or his warnings about the danger of US arrogance.

Sanctions are Destructive, Illegitimate, and Totally Bipartisan

Destitution should not be a tool of U.S. foreign policy.

Our Invasions

If we’re never going to hold U.S. war criminals accountable, what moral credibility do we have when we condemn Russia and others? We don’t even begin to practice what we preach.

If We Want Humanity to Survive, We Must Cooperate With China

War between nuclear-armed powers should be unthinkable. The deterioration of U.S.-China relations threatens the whole world, and treating China as an enemy is suicidally deranged.

What Do We Owe Afghanistan?

The 20-year war in Afghanistan is often spoken of as a well-intentioned failure. In fact, it was a major crime originating in bloodlust and an indifference to Afghan lives. The U.S. bears a major responsibility for the present suffering of Afghans and has an obligation to undo the damage it has inflicted.

Drone Skies

America’s drone wars mean many around the world have to fear a clear blue sky.

The Idiotic Logic That Will Lead To Nuclear War

Mitt Romney thinks we shouldn’t worry about taking steps that make Putin more likely to use nuclear weapons.

How the War in Ukraine Can Be Ended

Journalist and international relations scholar Anatol Lieven on the facts about the war in Ukraine that are left out of mainstream American discourse.

Is The U.S. Actually Trying to Help Ukraine?

It looks increasingly like the U.S. is more interested in undermining Russia’s power than in saving Ukrainian lives. The U.S. needs to help end the war, not escalate it into a disastrous global confrontation.

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