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The Worst Crime of the 21st Century

The United States’ destruction of Iraq remains the worst international crime of our time. Its perpetrators remain free and its horrors are buried.

We Can’t Overstate the Danger of Tom Cotton’s “Might Makes Right” Foreign Policy

The hard-right Arkansas senator has just released a foreign policy manifesto. It’s an alarming justification for violently maintaining U.S. dominance over the rest of the world.

How Corbyn Was Thwarted and How to Rebuild the British Left

Labour activist and author James Schneider explains what went wrong and how a left movement can succeed in the UK.

The French Understand That Work Sucks

Americans should have the same high expectations that French workers do for a comfortable retirement.

US Hypocrisy on Foreign Policy Undermines the ‘Rules-Based’ Order it Claims to Defend

US and Western powers’ continued engagement in and support for international war crimes makes the Global South hesitate to rush to judgment in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

If NATO Opposes Aggression, Why Does it Support Turkish Crimes Against the Kurds?

Why is NATO member Turkey allowed to get away with the very crimes we condemn in Ukraine?

The Right Can Be Defeated

Lula’s victory in Brazil is a great day for both democracy and the climate. But we can also see how powerful the far right is, and how much of what we care about hangs by a thread.

What the Vietnam War Can Tell Us About Ukraine

There is no one more dangerous than a political leader who is losing a war and possesses weapons of mass destruction.

Ignoring Gorbachev’s Warnings

In the wake of his death, the former Soviet leader has been given warm tributes in the US. But there’s precious little discussion of Gorbachev’s strong criticisms of US foreign policy or his warnings about the danger of US arrogance.

Sanctions are Destructive, Illegitimate, and Totally Bipartisan

Destitution should not be a tool of U.S. foreign policy.

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