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U.S. Policy Toward Gaza Continues a Long History of Fraudulent Humanitarianism

As aid to Gaza trickles to a slow, the US could be doing more to prevent mass death and suffering. But that would require standing up to Israel.

The Meaning of ‘Terrorism,’ According to the United States

The government uses a shifting definition of ‘terrorism’ as a tool to stifle dissent and protect elite interests.

What Everyone Should Know About the ‘Security Dilemma’

It’s frighteningly easy for those who want peace to blunder into a war. In the age of nuclear weapons, we need to understand how this happens so that we make sure we are not creating a catastrophe.

When Stated ‘Intentions’ Don’t Matter

Israel knows that its assault on Gaza is inflicting mass civilian death and starvation but claims that these outcomes are not its ‘intention.’ But when you know the consequences of your actions, what difference do intentions make?

What Peace in Northern Ireland Teaches us About ‘Endless’ Conflicts

No two conflicts are exactly like, but Northern Ireland offers lessons for today’s seemingly intractable conflicts. If the international community can underwrite war, it can also underwrite peace and justice.

Why Do ‘Anti-War’ Right-Wingers Love Henry Kissinger?

The New Right’s so-called foreign policy “realists” love endless war just as much as the neocons they love to hate. It’s no surprise they also love one of the 20th century’s worst war criminals.

Reading Bin Laden’s Messages Might Have Prevented Decades of Disastrous Foreign Policy

Osama bin Laden’s “letter to America” recently went viral. Beneath its horrifying rhetoric is an important historical document that helps us see how the US response to 9/11 was exactly what Bin Laden hoped for.

Why Haven’t the Protest Movements of Our Time Succeeded?

Vincent Bevins’ new book looks back over recent uprisings of our time and reviews what they accomplished—and what they didn’t.

The Hypocritical, Phony Outrage About Chinese Spying

If we are outraged by China’s spying against the U.S., then is it legitimate for the U.S. to spy on China? Or is espionage only objectionable when other countries do the same things we do already?

Biden Couldn’t Care Less About Human Rights

The Biden administration embraces dictators and barely pretends to care whether US-allied regimes respect basic freedoms.

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