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How the War in Ukraine Can Be Ended

Journalist and international relations scholar Anatol Lieven on the facts about the war in Ukraine that are left out of mainstream American discourse.

Is The U.S. Actually Trying to Help Ukraine?

It looks increasingly like the U.S. is more interested in undermining Russia’s power than in saving Ukrainian lives. The U.S. needs to help end the war, not escalate it into a disastrous global confrontation.

The “Clash of Civilizations” Thesis Is Still Ignorant Nonsense

Mentally arranging the world into homogeneous “civilizations” makes us oblivious to the world’s complexity as well as to our shared humanity with those considered mysterious Others.

Is Russian Brutality Toward Civilians Actually Unique?

What is presented as a uniquely “Russian” type of warfare, with high civilian casualties, is not dissimilar from attacks by the U.S. and its allies. Let us examine the facts that challenge our narratives in addition to those that confirm them.

Why It’s So Hard to Face the Threat Posed by Nuclear Weapons

Acknowledging the horror of nuclear war does not mean we must be incapacitated by this knowledge. We are capable of preventing nuclear war.

We Can’t Lapse Into Russophobia

The need to put extreme pressure on the Russian government over its crimes should not lead to the stigmatization and punishment of every person from Russia. Collectively blaming groups for the actions of their autocratic governments is wrong. Anti-war Russians are allies who should be embraced.

Can We Have an Intelligent Adult Conversation About Russia?

We should simultaneously condemn Putin’s criminal war of aggression and be careful not to slip into arrogant insanity ourselves. Wars bring out the worst in all sides, and creating a world without war will require the United States to be self-critical rather than self-righteous.

The Irrational Fear of Russia

The arguments made against Russia are often weak or hypocritical, and U.S. commentators still subscribe to a “Russo-Orientalism” that views the country as a mysterious dangerous Other.

“Citizenship” is a Scam

Membership in a nation is supposed to be a guarantee of equality and human rights. But, as two recent books attest, the concept of citizenship has been unequal from the start, and is increasingly decoupled these days from anything that even looks like safety, freedom, or fairness.

Chile’s Lucrative War Against Indigenous People

As multinational companies ravage Chile’s forests for profit, the Mapuche people are taking a stand.

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