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Why Is The Biden Administration Helping the Pork Industry Maintain Its Cruel and Abusive Practices?

The Supreme Court is considering invalidating California’s law establishing basic minimum standards for the humane treatment of pigs. Yet the Democratic administration is siding with pork producers against the Humane Society.

The Norwegians Should Not Have Killed Freya the Walrus

If we valued the lives of animals, we would not simply exterminate the ones that inconvenience us. We need to massively elevate the moral status of other species.

“Forget They Are an Animal”

Animal agriculture articles from the 1970s reveal how the industry has always thought of animals: as nothing more than profit-generating machines.

Why the Anti-Factory Farming Movement Needs Direct Action

The industry inflicts cruelty onto billions of animals each year. To change these practices, we have to get close to the suffering of the victims.

Manatees Are Better Than Us

Is a utopian pacifistic society possible? The lives of manatees show that it is possible to live without violence or the state.

Eating Endangered

Capitalism has given rise to a new monstrosity: the endangered fish that’s farmed for your table.

Let Us Praise and Honor Cats

They are wondrous in many ways.

Eating Animals

A former vegan explains how she developed a more “nuanced” view.

How the Animal Rights Movement Hurts Its Own Cause

If we ever want to win, we need to stop turning workers into enemies.

The Orwellian Language of the Animal Industry

Truthful lies, respectable murder.

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