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Veticare for All? It’s Possible!

Veterinary bills are notoriously expensive. If we don’t want to see people abandoning their adopted comrades or see their premature deaths due to lack of care, we need universal veterinary care.

We Need More Public Monuments to Animals

A good start to how we can pay homage to things that are not human.

Why Socialism and Animal Welfare Are Compatible

Why the left needs to care about animals, and how we can do it while also fighting for humans.

Cetacean Needed

The “battlenose dolphin” and other militarized marine life.

How Wild Animals Became The Proletariat

If animals had capital they would not be exterminated…

Animals and 2020

Animal rights are important and should not be a secondary political issue…

Glenn Greenwald Talks About Animals

The Intercept journalist on vegetarianism, hidden atrocities, and remembering all his dogs’ names…

The Current Affairs Field Guide To Socialist Animals

The animal kingdom is more egalitarian than you think!

Meat and the H-Word

Given the amount of suffering involved in the mass killing of animals, how is it not one of the greatest moral atrocities of our time?

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