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The Shallowness of What Tech Calls Thinking

The smartest people on Earth have a surprising lack of curiosity.

Being on the Left Involves Losing a Lot

It sucks. But the fight must go on.

We Need a New Kind of Socialist Organization

The “hierarchical vs. horizontal” debate is old, tired, and getting us nowhere.

A Better Son Or Daughter

Donald Trump, amnesia, and a capitalist fable.

Surely We Can Do Better Than Elon Musk

Getting past the cult of Genius and the bleakness of capitalist futurism.

How the Animal Rights Movement Hurts Its Own Cause

If we ever want to win, we need to stop turning workers into enemies.

The Subminimum Wage Has Got to Go

Paying workers $7.25 an hour is cruel. Paying them even less is inhumane.

The End of TV’s Lumpenproletariat

For a decade, ‘Shameless’ has painted a picture of American life rarely seen on screen. That’s about to end.

The Socialist Case for Skiing

Skiing might seem like a rich person’s hobby, but it hasn’t always been like that—and it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Inside the Dangerous World of Prison Organizing

Incarcerated activists are risking their lives to send a wake-up call to those outside.

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