The Cruelty of the “Culture War”

The CDC reports that gay, lesbian, and queer teenagers are suffering terribly from an epidemic of depression and suicidality. When we see the right’s “identity politics” demagoguery, we need to remember who is actually hurt by it.

Godard Without the Politics

American filmmakers have been heavily influenced by Godard’s aesthetic contributions but ignore his radical political messages.

The Apocalyptic Delusions of the Silicon Valley Elite

Douglas Rushkoff explains how the super-rich plan to escape the world after they’ve destroyed it.

Democratic Voters Want To Get Rid of Biden—But Will The Party Let Them? 

The clearly-expressed will of the people is that someone else should be nominated. But Democratic party leaders want to force people to accept Biden whether they want him or not. He needs a serious primary challenger.

‘American Democratic Socialism’ Has a Proud, Diverse, and Inspiring History

Gary Dorrien’s sweeping history of American democratic socialism weaves personal, intellectual, and spiritual narratives together in a book that reminds us of the great potential of the socialist movement.