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Why Factory Farming is a Moral Atrocity

Lewis Bollard of Open Philanthrophy’s farm animal welfare program on why preventing the suffering of animals remains a crucial moral priority for our time.

It’s Time to Break Up with Capitalism

Malaika Jabali, author of a new introduction to anti-capitalist and socialist politics, explains why we need to break up with our economic system.

Nick Hanauer on How Corporate Propaganda Makes Us Fear Sensible Social Policy

The businessman and host of Pitchfork Economics on how “corporate bullshit” misleads us.

Rethinking the Concept of ‘Philanthropy’

Amy Schiller argues that giving to others is great, but our contemporary notion of philanthropy is broken.

Astra Taylor on What ‘Security’ Really Means

Astra Taylor discusses her book about insecurity, arguing that while the right-wing concept of security involves borders and police, the left-wing version involves creating true security by meeting people’s basic needs.

A Final Conversation With Ed Broadbent on the Continuing Struggle for Democratic Socialism

Perhaps the best known democratic socialist in Canada, the late Ed Broadbent discussed what he learned working in government coalitions and explained that the struggle for democratic socialism is a constant one.

Why Do We Have Any Poverty When It’s Such a Solvable Problem? 

Acclaimed sociologist Matthew Desmond on what it would actually take to end poverty.

The Journalist Who Most Understands George Santos Explains How He Made It To Congress

Mark Chiusano of Newsday has just published the first book on Santos. He explains how America has made it so that someone who lies so much can make it so far.

How to Think About the Role of Drugs in American Life

Benjamin Fong’s ‘Quick Fixes’ offers a nuanced and fascinating look at the intersection of capitalism and chemical dependency.

How the Idea of Being “Self-Made” Arose

How did we come to believe that we can be anything we want to be? And what are the consequences of ascribing godlike powers of self-creation to human beings? Author Tara Isabella Burton explains the culture of “self-making.”

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