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How Media Copaganda Hides the Truth about the US Punishment Bureaucracy

The media’s narrow focus on certain crimes obscures the horrors of the legal punishment system and deflects our attention away from the most impactful crimes, those of the rich and powerful.

Debunking the Myths of Green Capitalism

Adrienne Buller discusses how green capitalism offers appealing yet fake solutions to the climate crisis, and why we can’t put a market value on whales.

The Wonderful World of Animal Senses and How it Expands Our View of the Universe

Learning about how other creatures experience the world makes us realize just how complex and special our environment is.

The Moral Atrocity of Factory Farming and Why We Must Not Look Away

Journalist Marina Bolotnikova argues that factory farming is a fascist industry in which violence and domination of animals is justified without argument.

How Bill Gates Makes the World Worse Off

Billionaires giving to charity, also called philanthrocapitalism, doesn’t actually empower the world’s neediest or reduce inequality.

Alex S. Vitale on Rethinking Policing in The Wake of Uvalde

Revisiting the critique of policing that argues that the police are not equipped to solve social problems or address school shootings. To address harm, we must build supportive institutions.

What Happens When Abortion is Criminalized

Leslie J. Reagan’s history of the era of criminalized abortion shows us why the Dobbs decision is based on faulty history, and how anything less than legal abortion on demand results in unacceptable harm to those seeking abortions.

The Evidence That Abortion Improves Lives

The Turnaway Study followed women seeking abortions over ten years, comparing those who received the procedure to those who were denied. The study found that being denied an abortion had negative consequences, and women rarely regret abortions.

Aviva Chomsky on why “Science isn’t Enough” to Address Climate Change

Questions of justice and morality need to be at the center of our climate strategy because science can’t fix the climate problem, Chomsky argues.

Rethinking Endless Growth With Doughnut Economics

Standard economics models based on infinite growth are fundamentally incompatible with action to address the climate crisis. Economist Kate Raworth explains her approach to economics based on balancing human needs with Earth’s finite resources.

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