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Thomas Frank on Populism, Cool Brands, and the Problem With the Democratic Party

The author of “Listen, Liberal” and “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” shares his thoughts on the slow, ugly decline of the American empire.

Raúl Carrillo on MMT’s Connection to Student Debt

Millions of Americans urgently need student debt relief. Modern monetary theory might offer a solution.

Professor Elizabeth Anderson on Workplace Democracy and Feminist Philosophy

A fulfilling life requires more than a certain amount of stuff—people also need control over decisions that affect them.

Rachel Cohen on the Great Charter School Controversy

Charter schools were pitched as a solution for America’s broken education system. Have they actually delivered on their promise?

Shireen Al-Adeimi on the U.S.-Backed War in Yemen

The conflict in Yemen is complex, but some things are clearer than you’d think.

Barbara Ehrenreich on Medicine, Macrophages, and Megafauna…

A discussion of the Wellness craze, how science adapts to new information, and the human idea of the self.

Min-terview: Brianna Rennix, Leftenant Editor

Do you find yourself wishing your favorite leftist publication had more swordsmithing content? We have just the editor for you.

Interview: Stephanie Kelton Talks MMT and More

Stephanie Kelton, economics and public policy expert, talks the mythical and oft-misunderstood modern monetary theory with Nathan and Sparky.

Michael Moore On the 2020 Election, Trump’s Brain, and What We Can Do Next

Michael Moore and Nathan J. Robinson take a deep dive into Trump’s bizarre appeal and the reasons why the election outcome is impossible to predict.

Wendell Potter on How the Health Insurance Industry Manipulates Public Opinion

The former Cigna executive on how corporations protect their profits by lying to Americans about single-payer healthcare.

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