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Movie Stars and Their Misguided Messiah Complex

Just because you claim to “create jobs” doesn’t give you the right to treat fellow human beings like dirt.

“Mythic Quest” and the Pursuit of Anti-Capitalist Media

In mass media’s clutter of incoherent ideology, Mythic Quest aims an anti-capitalist lens inward.

What Gets Lost

Ciara Moloney revisits soaps and sitcoms lost to time, and the hyper-possessive rituals of copyright.

Revisiting ‘Legends of Chamberlain Heights’

The quickly-canceled Comedy Central show was raucous, ridiculous, and controversial—and exactly right for the current moment.

A Show of Genius

Welcome to a reality show where nothing is as it seems.

Rock Bottom

What the movie Uncut Gems tells us about debt, labor, risk, and what people are willing to do in order to win.

Get in Losers, We’re Doing Socialism

The Society grapples with the challenges of socialism in practice…

The Magic of Motown

And how a democratic workplace might have improved it…

His Dark Materialism

In Defense of Facing Our Daemons…

The Stories We Tell

Why narratives matter, and don’t, and matter, and don’t…

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