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‘Dr. Phil’ Will Not Be Missed

As the 20-year run of ‘Dr. Phil’ comes to an end, reflecting on how the show combined pop psychology, the sleaziness of ’90s talk shows, and misleading culture war debates.

In Defense of South Park

Reflecting on a hilarious, problematic, iconic show.

The Beast Within Capitalism

The success of YouTuber “MrBeast” tells us a lot about who we are and what kind of world we live in.

Godard Without the Politics

American filmmakers have been heavily influenced by Godard’s aesthetic contributions but ignore his radical political messages.

Elvis Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

How Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis” took one of the most familiar stories in music history and somehow made it fresh again.

The Anti-Imperialism of ‘Avatar’ Should be Celebrated 

For all its faults, Avatar: The Way of Water does a service by bringing an anti-militaristic message to American cinemas.

U.S. Empire and the Marvel Moral Universe

Comic book stories shape and reaffirm cultural and political attitudes. We shouldn’t settle for the imperialist propaganda put out by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We Are All Spartacus

Why has the story of Spartacus become important to leftists over the years? Because Spartacus showed what it would take for people to liberate themselves from violent systems of oppression.

Entering the Twilight Zone

Even though television is a highly commercialized art form, The Twilight Zone still managed to offer innovation and politically incisive commentary.

The People’s Tramp

Charlie Chaplin’s films are insightful explorations of poverty, homelessness, and the callous moneyed classes. They also show cinema’s capacity to act as a small empathy-generating machine.

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