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Why For-Profit Housing Ruins Kitchens

When profit is the bottom line, functionality and human enjoyment do not matter.

In Praise of the Pointless

Not everything should have to prove its market worth. We need places that serve no utilitarian function and exist only to be interesting.

What Can Minimalism Do For Us?

From Thoreau to Marie Kondo, there have periodically been movements encouraging us to make do with less. Is this a healthy rejection of consumerism or a demand for bleak austerity?

Hostile Architecture Is Evil and Should Be Banned

Attacking homeless people with spikes is morally tantamount to assault. Designers should not be permitted to incorporate the threat of pain into the built environment.

How To Build Beautiful Places

The late architectural theorist Christopher Alexander offered a vision for a livable future.

Why Doesn’t California Solve Its Housing Crisis By Building Some New Cities? 

Around the world, when cities are overcrowded, governments have orchestrated the building of new cities. In the U.S., this seems absurd or utopian. Why?

The Need for a New Garden City Movement

In the early 1900s, a strange and wonderful planning fad caught on. It can still help us think about building livable places.

The Royal Dystopia of Poundbury

A town with no people is not a town, but a deathly museum.

When Is the Revolution in Architecture Coming?

We need to build places we can’t stop looking at. It will involve lots of plants.

Seize the Elevators

On the coming and necessary abolition of the tower.

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