Articles by Erica X Eisen

The Royal Dystopia of Poundbury

A town with no people is not a town, but a deathly museum.

Where the Air Is Pure

We suffocate the world with industry, then we commodify air- and find new ways to blame the most vulnerable.

You Can Heal Your Life

The self-help genre has become a booming American export, and a precarious stand-in for mutual aid and mental health resources.

The Past and Future of the Socialist Sunday School

“Socialist Sunday School” may sound like a dreamy fixture for a utopian future, but over a century ago, radical classrooms thrived across the United States and Britain.

We Need More Public Monuments to Animals

A good start to how we can pay homage to things that are not human.

Extinction Rebellion Has a Politics Problem

On why it isn’t possible to find an apolitical solution to a political problem…

TV on the Border

Border Patrol “Reality” TV valorizes agents and perpetuates pernicious stereotypes…

If Ye Break Faith

The Rise of Poppymania…

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