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Exxon Admits Capitalism Created The Climate Crisis

The company’s own Washington representative admits that we cannot solve the crisis without doing away with Exxon.

More Bloody Tales of Justice

Ghost stories of retribution. Warning: not for the faint of heart or Border Patrol agents.

Dreams and Despair in Gaza

After the 11-day assault by Israeli forces ended in an uneasy truce, a Gazan writer reflects on the horror of what happened, and what may continue to happen if nothing changes.

How The Phrase “Universal Healthcare” Became Meaningless

By talking about universal healthcare without supporting an actual universal healthcare system, centrist Democrats turn an important demand into an empty marketing slogan.

Everything Ben Shapiro Says Is Still Worthless

These are just feelings disguised as facts.

How Your Brain Works

DOCTORS DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW (about the hamsters)

What Is Fascism—And Why the Definition Matters

The label “fascism” gets tossed around a lot—but that doesn’t mean it lacks a coherent definition, or belongs solely to a bygone past. The political formation we call fascism is still very much alive, and very dangerous.

It Turns Out the Right Just Believes In Power

The conservative tantrum on workplace vaccination shows why their ideas are wrong

What Is The Value of “Intellectual Diversity”?

Multiple points of view are valuable in many domains, but consensus is often critical.

How To Make Money By Getting Everyone To Hate You

British media personality Piers Morgan believes he will be “canceled” for his asinine opinions. In fact, there’s always an audience for this type of arsehole.

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