Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

Why We Must Criticize Our Culture

The job of a critic is to shatter the illusion that the status quo is necessary or good, and to free people’s imaginations for the contemplation of alternatives.

We Live In The Age of The Bullshitter

The great mystery of our times: Why does anyone take seriously people who are so obviously full of it?

Why We Need Book Reviews

Books are where the knowledge is. A flourishing democracy depends on a culture that cares about and talks about books.

Let ChatGPT Convert You To Socialism

The AI text-generator is both terrifyingly good and comically limited. But one thing it excels at is helping us think more clearly about politics.

Of Course You Should Be Required To Serve LGBTQ Customers

On the ludicrous idea that “pluralism” and “free speech” require us to give homophobes an exemption to anti-discrimination laws.

The Majority of Americans Do Not Support Right-Wing Extremism

The midterm election results show hope that Trumpism can be defeated and that the Republican seizure of the country’s political apparatus is not inevitable.

Manufacturing Consent and the Case of Satan

How do we know everything we’ve heard about the guy is true? What if we’ve got the whole story backwards?

What Will Artificial Intelligence Do To Us?

Computers are able to do terrifyingly impressive things, with more to come. What does this mean for work? For art? For the future of the species?

How Is Slavery Still Legal?

It is disturbing that there is even any debate about this. But even some Democrats have supported keeping forced labor legal.

The Right Can Be Defeated

Lula’s victory in Brazil is a great day for both democracy and the climate. But we can also see how powerful the far right is, and how much of what we care about hangs by a thread.

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