Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

Looking Back At The Socialist Future

An excerpt from my future memoir, “My Affairs.”

Why Does Anyone Think Michael Bloomberg Would Beat Donald Trump?

Why would Democrats show up to support someone they are unenthusiastic about?

How Britain Got Its NHS

A highly unequal country has a socialized healthcare system thanks to a decades-long fight by leftists.

A Republican Plutocrat Tries To Buy The Democratic Nomination

No Democrat should consider Michael Bloomberg as a candidate.

More About Pete

Why support someone who gives no reason to trust that he cares about anything other than his career?

The Failure of Democratic Opposition

The Democratic party establishment have shown they are incapable of taking on Trump. They are assuring his reelection.

Donald Trump Will Run To The Left

Do not be surprised when Trump runs as the candidate of criminal justice reform.

Informational Packet For Iowa Voters

A quick reminder before you caucus.

Please Do Not Vote For Elizabeth Warren In Iowa

Even if you like her a lot! Every vote is just going to make Biden the nominee.

Donald Trump, We Are Coming For You

There are going to be electoral consequences for waging war on working people.

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