Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

The Urge to Dominate

Destroying each other is both satisfying and futile.

Thomas Frank on Populism, Cool Brands, and the Problem With the Democratic Party

The author of “Listen, Liberal” and “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” shares his thoughts on the slow, ugly decline of the American empire.

The Insidious Influence of the Arms Industry on Foreign Policy

Nobody with any affiliation to a weapons company should be allowed to hold government office.

How the Media Cracks Down on Critics of Israel

I was fired as a newspaper columnist after I joked about U.S. military aid to Israel on social media.

The Horrible Politics of $1,400 Checks

Why on earth would Democrats not pass $2,000 checks as promised?

The Definitive Case for ‘Medicare For All’

A new book from healthcare experts Dr. Abdul El-Sayed and Micah Johnson makes it clear that M4A is possible in the present—and more urgent than ever.

Professor Elizabeth Anderson on Workplace Democracy and Feminist Philosophy

A fulfilling life requires more than a certain amount of stuff—people also need control over decisions that affect them.

Should Journalists Have Politics?

If a publication wants to be trusted, it can start by being honest about its perspective.

Life in Revolutionary Times: Lessons From the 1960s

In the 1960s, people around the world fought for revolutionary change. What can we learn from them?

Puppaganda: How Politicians Use Pets to Convince You of Their Humanity

For a politician in need of a popularity boost, an adorable dog or cat can make an effective distraction from policy.

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