Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

The Greatest Piano Player You’ve Never Heard

New Orleans R&B musician James Booker was a musical genius on the level of Beethoven.

The Collapse of BuzzFeed News Shows Why For-Profit Journalism is a Disaster

Capitalist owners are not going to fund unprofitable, resource-intensive investigative work. A different model is needed if journalism is going to survive.

Homelessness Is An Entirely Solvable Problem

Whether we let people have houses is a choice we make. But those who refuse to support guaranteed housing can’t complain when people end up living on the streets.

We Can’t Overstate the Danger of Tom Cotton’s “Might Makes Right” Foreign Policy

The hard-right Arkansas senator has just released a foreign policy manifesto. It’s an alarming justification for violently maintaining U.S. dominance over the rest of the world.

The Success of the Tennessee Three Shows Why We Need More Confrontational Politics

The dissident Tennessee legislators who were willing to get thrown out of the House have demonstrated exactly the kind of stance that we need our elected officials to have. Disruption is not the opposite of political pragmatism; it’s essential to being effective.

Seven People They Never Told You Were Socialists

Radicals consistently have their radicalism erased. Never forget the values people actually held or the causes they actually fought for.

Chicago Destroys the Myth That Voters Want Centrist Candidates

Brandon Johnson ran and won as an unabashed progressive who didn’t give in to “tough on crime” fearmongering. The lesson for the left is to stick to your principles. It is not more “pragmatic” to be a centrist.

The Right to a Window Should Be as Fundamental as Freedom of Speech

Many workers have their health damaged by lack of access to sunlight and plants. Windows shouldn’t be seen as a perk or luxury. They are a basic necessity that everyone deserves.

US Companies Complain of Worker Shortages While the US Deports Workers to Their Deaths

We militarize our borders and keep people seeking work from doing it. Then legislators insist we need child labor to fill a “worker shortage.” What kind of country is this?

Bernie Sanders Keeps Us Focused on What Matters

Sanders’ new manifesto is an important reminder of what we should be fighting for, and a reminder that the Democratic party establishment is a main enemy of progress and justice.

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