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How Do We Talk About COVID Anti-Vaxxers and Deniers When They Die of COVID?

LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik argues that when COVID deniers die, we must not sugarcoat the harm they did when they were alive.

Why The Student Debt Catastrophe Was Avoidable

Reporter Josh Mitchell explains how government policy commodified higher education, which created the conditions for debt levels to soar.

How Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Start?

Dr. Alina Chan has been one of the most prominent commentators on the origins of COVID-19. Here, she explains why the binary of “natural origin” versus “lab leak” is misleading and simplistic.

Exposing the Fraudulence of Elon Musk and Tesla

Investigative journalist and automotive industry expert Edward Niedermeyer, author of Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors, explains how Musk and Tesla have gotten away with so much lying and fraudulence.

Why Is The Pursuit of Money Such an American Obsession?

Legendary former Harper’s editor Lewis Lapham talks to Current Affairs about his decades chronicling the dysfunctional social mores of the American ruling class.

Why All The Anti-Trans Arguments Are Bogus

Biologist and trans activist Dr. Julia Serano discusses what people like Ben Shapiro and J.K. Rowling get wrong about “biology” and debunks some common transphobic talking points.

A Contentious Conversation on Systemic Racism in America

Prof. Glenn Loury, who has both critiqued the concept of systemic racism and argued that understanding racial inequality is crucial to policy-making, discusses the complexities of his position.

San Francisco Socialist Dean Preston Debunks “YIMBY” Propaganda

Preston, a DSA member who serves on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, joins us to discuss the Bay Area housing crisis and its solutions, as well as the bizarre developer-backed astroturf movement waging war on him.

The Obstacle Course Facing Those Seeking Abortions

Abortion could just be treated as normal healthcare. But it isn’t, and as reproductive rights expert Carole Joffe explains, when women seek abortions, they face an absurd and cruel array of obstacles.

Why the Military-Industrial Complex Keeps Growing and Growing

Journalist Andrew Cockburn discusses his new book “The Spoils of War: Power, Profit, and the American War Machine.”

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