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Noam Chomsky on How To Prevent World War III

The eminent scholar on the worsening threat of nuclear warfare, how to end the war in Ukraine, the self-justifying myths propagated by imperial powers, why the Global South finds American moralizing laughable, and more.

The Rise of Pentecostal Christianity

While the world’s fastest-growing religious faith offers material benefits and psychological uplift to many people, it also pushes a reactionary political agenda aligned with dangerous far-right leaders.

Laurie Penny on The Sexual Revolution

While gendered power dynamics have changed over the last several decades, Penny argues that gender relations have been framed by the logic of the market, which conflates nominal choice with liberation.

Chris Hedges on the Inhumanity of Wars and Prisons

Former war correspondent Chris Hedges discusses what war zones and prisons have in common: They’re the places where America hides victims of white supremacy.

Katrina vanden Heuvel on Russia, Ukraine, and the Need for Diplomacy in a Nuclearized World

The Nation publisher and Russia expert discusses the origin of the crisis and possible ways out of it.

Randall Kennedy on Why Critical Race Theory is Important

A longtime critic of CRT, Kennedy explains why the central tenets of CRT are nonetheless important. He also discusses the myth that law can be “apolitical.”

Why the Right to Counsel Is So Important

Because anyone can be arrested, everyone should care about the right to counsel and equal protection under the law.

How Feminism Shaped the Carceral State

Law professor Aya Gruber argues that feminists should rethink carceral notions of gender justice.

How America Criminalizes Black Youth

From stop and frisk to metal detectors in schools, many Black youngsters are regularly treated with suspicion in their own communities. This has damaging and lasting effects on their lives.

How Do We Talk About COVID Anti-Vaxxers and Deniers When They Die of COVID?

LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik argues that when COVID deniers die, we must not sugarcoat the harm they did when they were alive.

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