Articles by Pete Davis

Pavlina Tcherneva on MMT and the Jobs Guarantee

Is a jobs guarantee good? What would an MMT-infused version look like?

The Origins of ‘Is MMT Real?’

It all starts with some questions and a chat with Stephanie Kelton.

Rachel Cohen on the Great Charter School Controversy

Charter schools were pitched as a solution for America’s broken education system. Have they actually delivered on their promise?

Decade of Disappointment, Decade of Hope

Reflections on life on the Left in the 2010s.

How to Enliven the Presidential Debates

Make them less like joint press conferences, more like tent meetings…

INTERVIEW: Ralph Nader On His Crusading Career

The veteran consumer advocate on how to change the world…

How To Heal The Left-Liberal Divide

Can intra-Democratic tension be resolved? It’s possible.

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