Articles by Jag Bhalla

‘Techno-Optimism’ is Not Something You Should Believe In

Techno-optimism is a dangerous philosophy whose adherents espouse the blind faith that market capitalism and technology will solve the world’s problems. In reality, this kind of optimism simply justifies elite power and promotes indifference to human suffering.

‘Climate Optimism’ Is Dangerous and Irrational

Overly-confident math models based on unrealistic assumptions are used to avoid crisis-consistent climate policies and to protect global elite privilege, while abandoning our duties to the planet’s most vulnerable.

We Can’t Have Climate Justice Without Ending Computational Colonialism

Existing climate “solutions” assume the continuation of the environmentally destructive lifestyles of the global rich, at the expense of the rest of the world. If we’re serious about addressing the crisis we have to put the costs on those who caused the problem.

The 1 Percent Are Many Times Worse Than the Rainforest Wreckers

We cannot allow plutocrat-pampering pundits within elite media to derail us from what should be the most important task of our collective lives: to curb planet-warming carbon emissions.

White-Collar War Crimes and For-Profit Famines

What should be called ‘white-collar crimes’ could kill more people than combat itself in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Taming The Greedocracy

American elites want magical technological fixes to climate change because they refuse to confront the truth that seriously addressing the problem would require limits to their own power and luxury.

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