Articles by Belén Fernández

Coronavirus, Checkpoints, and the Beach of Death

Enjoy this exclusive excerpt from Belén Fernández’s new book Checkpoint Zipolite: Quarantine in a Small Place, a story about getting stuck during the pandemic and a no-holds-barred critique of the politicians who are largely responsible for the scale of the disaster.

Diversions of Empire: Narco-jihad in the U.S. Backyard

On the media, propaganda, and the alleged ‘secret connections’ between Latin American narco-traffickers and Middle Eastern jihadists.

The Strange World of the Special Tribunal For Lebanon

A very expensive court prosecutes spectral defendants…

Killing a Shadow

A “special terrorist” is killed, but remains a mystery…

My Police State Vacation

A tour through the lighter side of the sometimes brutal U.S.-allied nation…

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