Articles by Alex Park

‘Freakonomics’ Was Neoliberal Bullshit

A look back at the bestselling book franchise that taught people to “think like economists,” by which it meant “think cynically and amorally.”

How the State Created Fast Food

Because of consistent government intervention in the industry, we might call fast food the quintessential cuisine of global capitalism.

Who Actually Owns Corporations, Anyway?

It’s time to clear up one of the most enduring—and insidious—neoliberal myths about corporations. Shareholders don’t own corporations. Corporations are unowned sovereign entities, just like people. And that should terrify us.

9/11: The Novel

Almost twenty years after September 11th, a new novel explores the psychological and political motives behind the attacks, and illuminates some dark truths that many Americans may not be ready to accept.

Pariah Nations and the Illusion of Isolation

Pushed out of the mainstream, countries like Cambodia and Hungary are putting a strange new spin on globalization.

The True Story of the Rwandan Genocide

In her new book “Do Not Disturb,” Michela Wrong explores why the west was so eager to believe lies about the Rwandan genocide.

What Fast Food Tells Us About the World

When American fast food became an international phenomenon, it transcended its origins and became the first truly global cuisine. The implications are greater than most of us realize.

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