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Royalty reading issues of Current Affairs and frowning with distaste. "Proud to be a magazine that most royals dislike."

Current Affairs

A Magazine of Politics and Culture

Welcome to Pinkertown

Where the data show that everything is A-okay!

Some people think things are pretty rotten right now. But if you look at the evidence, you’ll find that actually things are better than ever! Here in Pinkertown, where Enlightenment values reign, the data show that all the little creatures are getting along just fine.

Let’s meet some residents!

It may look like a dirty job, but clean coal means clean air!

Thanks to a generous donation to a local politician, this “clean coal” factory has received a special tax credit.

These migrants are picking delicious apples! If they complain about their working conditions, they will be deported.

Bakers wake up at 4 A.M.! Sometimes while they work, they hallucinate.

Technology requires rare earth metals. Without the short lives and early deaths of these child- laborers, you couldn’t enjoy your miraculous iPhone!

This driver has been on the road for 14 hours straight. If he doesn’t pay back his $70,000 truck loan this month, the company he works for will repossess it!

This worker is about to commit suicide! Fortunately, worker-suicides are down 12%.

Thought leaders give speeches at conferences! They make a lot of money, because they have earned it.

Innovation is exhausting! Thought leaders need plenty of rest.

Everyone is a worker, and every moment is work! This bunny is currently performing emotional labor.

Science has improved nutrition! This executive will live 20 years longer than his housekeeper.

These workers have been replaced by more efficient robots!

Words by Lyta Gold. Illustrations by Ellen Burch.

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Announcing Our Newest Issue


Celebrating our Ninth Year of publication! Lots to stimulate your brain with in this issue: how to address the crisis of pedestrian deaths (hint: stop blaming cars!), the meaning of modern art, is political poetry any good?, and the colonial adventures of Tinin. Plus Karl Marx and the new Gorilla Diet!

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