Articles by Stephen Wood

Democrats’ Revised Talking Points for the Biden Era

“Remember that stuff we said a couple months ago? Please don’t.”

The NCAA’s ‘Compromises’ on Paying Athletes Are Bullshit

The unpaid workers of college sports may soon get the right to earn money, but the NCAA will keep fighting to preserve a fundamentally unjust system.

College Football’s Inept COVID Response Sparks a Revolt

College football is back, baby, with a spike in COVID cases and a new surge of activism from the NCAA’s unpaid athlete-laborers.

Sports on Strike

Don’t call it a boycott, and don’t underestimate the movement.

Antifascist Soccer Fans Are Refusing To “Stick To Sports”

Committed antifascists have organized to challenge Major League Soccer’s ban on “political speech”…

The World Cup Is Over, But The Labor Fight Continues

There’s no reason for the U.S. women’s soccer team not to receive equal pay…

Sports Team Owners Are Running Game On Players

No matter which sports team wins, the real winners are the owners…

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