Articles by Nick Slater

The NBA Returns Like a Mournful Fart

Basketball is back. Hooray?

Nationalize All The Nice Places

Beautiful public spaces should be held in common by the public and accessible freely to all.

Revisiting ‘Legends of Chamberlain Heights’

The quickly-canceled Comedy Central show was raucous, ridiculous, and controversial—and exactly right for the current moment.

Dirty Tricks Of The Public Relations Industry

You might be under the impression that P.R. is a slimy industry. The truth is that it’s worse than you think.

When It’s Hard to Take a Deep Breath

On asthma, meditation, and cutting yourself some slack during a global pandemic.

Spain’s UBI Is A Wake-Up Call For Americans

Spain just passed a permanent universal basic income. So can we.

Sadness and Basketball

From our November/December 2019 issue comes a story of love, grief, basketball, and ASS.

Why Should You Care About the UCSC Strike?

Spoiler: The ongoing wildcat strike by grad students in Santa Cruz holds important lessons for workers of all backgrounds.

The Innocent Pleasure of Trespassing

Liberating ourselves by treating the world as a free place to roam.

Bullshit Jobs

What qualifies and what to do about them…

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