Articles by Nathan J. Robinson

Horrors Aren’t Heartwarming

Workers walking six miles and nurses scrounging up sick leave isn’t heartwarming- it’s an indictment of the system that forces them to.

The Sophist and The Magician

Understanding how we can be manipulated helps us pull back the curtain on charlatans and can even protect democracy.

They Will Kill Your Library, Too

Public services are piggy banks, and in times of crisis, they will be smashed and raided.

The Escalating War Between The Republican Party and Democracy

An extremist party with fringe views can only hope to prevail if it subverts the popular will.

A Guide For High School Students On How To Avoid Propaganda

It is extremely difficult to tell the frauds and charlatans from the truth-tellers. Be vigilant and learn to think critically.

Why Private Health Insurance Makes No Sense

It’s important for everyone to understand exactly why it needs to be gotten rid of.

Borat As Milgram Experiment

The film’s lesson is not so much that Americans are bigoted, but that they decline to take moral stands when it counts. The implications should disturb us all.

Why Nationalism Is A Brain Disease

Matthew Yglesias’ “One Billion Americans” argues that America needs more people because America must be the best. But why be the “best”? And what is “America”?

Biden’s Election Is Not A Mandate For Centrism

The painful, floundering ordeal of centrist Joe Biden’s win is not, in fact, a great case for his (lack of) politics.

He’ll Be Back

It might not be Trump himself. But we still haven’t seen the last of the politics he represents. Don’t get comfortable.

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