Articles by Luke Savage

The Fraudulent Universalism of Barack Obama

The 44th president’s new memoir showcases his impressive storytelling skills—and the dishonesty and shallowness of the stories he tells.

Liberalism’s Veil of Ignorance

David Plouffe’s book is not a guide to beating Trump, but it is an excellent guide to understanding liberalism.

What Canada Can Teach Us About Liberals Everywhere

Even when free of political constraints, liberalism produces the same results everywhere it is tried.

Support for Biden Is An Irresponsible Gamble With Our Future

There’s nothing pragmatic or safe about a Biden nomination…

The Curse of Bipartisanship

American elites already get along pretty harmoniously. And that’s the problem.

Justin Trudeau and the Politics of Spectacle

The Canadian PM’s carefully-crafted progressive image conceals typical status quo politics…

How Liberals Fell In Love With The West Wing

Aaron Sorkin’s political drama shows everything wrong with the Democratic worldview…

The Real Obama

What the president does in retirement will reveal his true self…

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